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Need help with Actionscript 2.0

First of all: if there is a forum which discusses Actionscript, I'm sorry to post it here, but I didn't find it.
Ok, now to the point.
I've based my website on a Flash animation. This is in the site's "main frame" so to say. There are 5 in total. Two at the sides and three in the middle. The one in the top is just a banner with the site's name. The one in the middle is this "main frame" where the animation is, and there is one more frame beneath this last one.
Here's the deal:

What I want to do (and am not really sure if it is possible to) is to load (through actionscript and PHP) something on the last frame. The thing is that there's a menu in the animation in the "main frame" and I would like different things to be loaded in the "lowest" frame, depending on the option you chose in the animation...

Does anyone know if that's possible and, if it is, which is the script I ought to put in my "main animation"'s buttons??

I'd be really glad if someone could help me... is the last thing I need to finish the site and finally upload it to the web!!!
you really need to give more details.... you say you have a "main frame" and then you say you have 5 in total, do you have 5 frames...or 5 layers..... also, please note when you say "main frame" you are talking about the main timeline.... If you could upload some sort of example or somthing, i would be able to help you with this right away and with no problem... I understand what you want done...just not how you have everything set up.
Sorry, I think you missunderstood it. When I talk about "frames" is not the frames in the flash animation, I mean frames like the ones in the websites. you know, <td> and all that.
Hope it's clearer now Wink
ok i got yeah!!! lol sorry about that.. ok this is very easy to do. in your menu im guessing you have your buttons... on each button have the following script...


on (press) {
getURL("yoursite", "_iframename");

that will work.


getURL(url:String, window:String,)

window:String [optional] - A parameter specifying the name, frame, or expression that specifies the window or HTML frame that the document is loaded into. You can also use one of the following reserved target names: _self specifies the current frame in the current window, _blank specifies a new window, _parent specifies the parent of the current frame, and _top specifies the top-level frame in the current window

thats the information right from the help menu in flash... so the first " " put the address, and the 2nd " " place your frame name. Make sure to keep the " " around each so it knows its a string. if you have any problems post back and ill be happy to help
alright! thanks for that, as soon as I get to try it, I'll let you know what have I done to make it go wrong Razz
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