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Geocaching is a high tech treasure hunt with the GPS Device. Anyone here that do it can recommend me a cheap and useful GPS device for geocaching?
Captain Fertile
I checked this out a while ago and it sounds like a great hobby. A lot of fun but the cost of the equipment really prevents me from going for it - kids nrrd their shoes you see.

If you do get into this I hope you will come back and say what it is really like.

There are a few sites out there about it but I would really like to hear from someone who actually does it.
I heard this from Princeton University's Science Saturday events in Princeton Plasma Physic Lab. I know the most popular website is that's basically all I know... I actually have to money to buy it, cause I don't usually spend my money, just that I want to see if it is worth it first.
I geocache and I love it! I have a Green etrex Legend, they aren't really expensive compared to the PS3 Laughing I got it for X-mas 3 years ago, and use it often. There are over 90 caches in my area, I've seen so much in my own town that I had no idea was around. My friends and I get together and race to see who can find the most first. It's actually quite exciting. I've got a few I am ready to hide, just waiting for the right time Wink
I have been caching for quite a few years now, and it is a lot of fun. Unfortunately now that I am in my junior year of school, I don't have as much time to do it as I would like. My suggestions for a GPS would be definetly a Garmin, if your looking for cheap and simple, go with a Geko but I would suggest looking at something with more features now, so you don't have to upgrade later. Oh and just a warning, its addicting.
Geocaching is awesome! I did this once while I was on vacation in the "Belgische Ardennen" (Belgium Forests), very much fun, but also very hard to do, harder than I had expected. I don't really know what to reccommend you, but you probably should talk to a friend that also does it. You can also surf the forums on!
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I just stumbled over this old subject and thought that it deserves an update:

As soon as you have a GPS-receiver for your car, you should be able to participate in the geocaching sports, you don't need to buy another unit just for this activity. I use a Garmin nüvi 650, but any unit where you can enter coordinates will suffice, as long as you can set the unit to off-road / pedestrian mode.

If you need details, let me know!
what the hell is this. im confused/

people hide stuff for strangers to track down using gps?
Yantaal wrote:
what the hell is this. im confused/

people hide stuff for strangers to track down using gps?


As the GPS units have accuracies in the range of 3-5m and the "caches" can be quite small (few cm somethimes) there is a good deal of searching involved... and you can have "Travel Bugs" go from cache to cache which is fun, too!

The combination of internet and outdoor activity is pretty nice I think.
can i use something like the iphone's gps or a smartphone's gps unit to geocache? I heard about it on TV one time and thought it would be a really fun/inexpensive way to go out and explore.
My old science teacher was obsessed with geocaching. He had bumper stickers all over his car and one of those huge antennas sticking out the back... he'd go out and do that stuff all the time. It sounds like fun, but I've never tried it.
I have gps on my phone, it looks like a nice way to use my car:P
I'd like to try it old school, you give a set of co-ords for people to find with a map, compass and sextant...
geocaching is actually really easy with a simple and primative gps device. The tedious thing is looking up the cache details, keeping a log of the clue,tips, and coordinates. That's why alot of people pay to get a higher tech gps device that can maintain wayward points, caching details, etc. It's not necessary but what's your time worth? and can you afford the luxury of an easier caching experience.

Also with the gas prices as it is... it's becoming expensive unless you live in the city where a few caches can be found provided noone steals or disturbs the cache site.
Thanks for teaching me of this. It is a new concept to me but it sounds very cool! Unfortunately I do not have GPS though... Maybe some day Smile
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