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How to check back link?

I've tried using on google search box, but it didn't show any links that link back to my site so I try "" on the google search box (including the double quote) and many sites that link to my site appeared.

Why is that? Does google not really count the backlink to your site?
Don't use Google for this purpose. You'll have a better result with yahoo. type.. and you'll be redirected to yahoo site explorer. You can choose all backlinks (including links from your own domain page) or exclude your domain name backlinks. You can also see how many pages on your site are indexed on Yahoo. To check pages indexed on Google tupe

Note: using and will give you a different results.
nappa wrote:
I've tried using on google search box, but it didn't show any links that link back to my site so I try "" on the google search box (including the double quote) and many sites that link to my site appeared.

Why is that? Does google not really count the backlink to your site?

Google updates its backlinks once in a while and show only quality ones to public. So better use Yahoo for this purpose.
Sometime tools can not provide the accurate result for the backlinks. So one can check the backlinks manually. Type link : in google search box and then find from which site you have get the links. So this will provide you the prefect result for your observation.
Normally I type "link :" in both Yahoo and Google search box, they always give me
different results so I use both of them to check my site's backlink.

However, I think "Quickgun12" has posted the good resource for this purpose too.


Quickgun12 wrote:
Hi...SEO Pro’s BackLink Checker
This is a very fantastic backlink checking service. Although it takes a little while (not too long) to populate the list of URL’s, this is one of the few tools in this whole list that actually shows the true pagerank of the pages your URL is on. It also tell you how many links are on that page, whether or not the link uses “nofollow”, the anchor text for the link. You also have the ability to check the number of backlinks for all of the pages on your site, or just the top domain. If you are going to just use one backlink checker, then use this one!

SubmitEdge’s PageRank Checker Tool + Alexa Tool + Link Checker Tool
This tool will just give you stats, and that’s about it. No list of links, no link PR breakdown, nothing… just a few basic stats about your website. Great, for a nice quick check and then getting back to content creation or linkbuilding. It will list your PR, your Alexa ranking, whether or not you are listed in DMOZ, and how many backlinks you have listed on Google, Yahoo!, AltaVista and AllTheWeb. (The “backlinks from Google” used the “link:” method to search, therefore you’ll get the same wack results I mentioned in the first paragraph.)

RankAlert’s Backlink Watch Tool
This is a pretty nice tool if all you’re interested in is the number of backlinks, what page the links are on, and the pagerank for those pages. This tool will give you the results for the first 1000 links. It will tell you the number of total links (even if it’s above 1000) and it will show you the URL of the pages that the link is on, and the PageRank of that site.

iWebTool’s Backlink Checker
This is a pretty basic tool. It just shows you the total number of links, the pages that the links are listed on, and PageRank (note, that the PageRank tool was showing up “zero” for every single page as of this writing. Hopefully they fix it in the future.) The benefit of this site is that it is fast loading. Other tools in this list take a while when they actually list the URLs your page is being linked from, but this is a very fast loading tool.

Smart PageRank’s BackLink PageRank Check
This is a pretty good site, because it is fairly fast loading, even if you choose the options that they say will make it slower. This site will show you the URL, the PageRank (not, it shows “zero” for sites that have verified page rank), and it can show the anchor text and whether or not it’s a “nofollow” link. You can choose how many URLs are listed on each page, which is a feature I really like.

Backlink Watch’s Backlinks Checker Tool
This is a pretty good tool for checking every 2 months or so. They cache your results, and you’ll get the same results for about the next 2 months or so. I was stuck at “915” backlinks for one of my new niche sites for a long time, until I realized that they use a cached result. All of that aside, it’s a good tool for seeing all of your links, and some information about those links you’ve gotten while link building. The problem is that it is slow. If you have any amount about 200 or so, you will be waiting for a very long time to see all of the results. But, they do breakdown the anchor text of the link, the URL it is found at, and any “flagged” links such as those with “nofollow.”

Professional Link Building’s Free Website Valuation

You need to sign up to their site for free to use this feature now….This is a very quick tool. It gives you your page rank, the number of backlinks you have, and your Alexa ranking. WARNING: The number of backlinks listed for your site from this tool will be way higher than all of your other tools. It is an inflated average of all of the links found in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Live, and others combined. I still use this tool to see how much I’ve grown by comparing it to this tool’s stats from each week, but comparing this number to all of the other tools will only make you feel better artificially. They also have a little “How much is my site worth?” type of algorithm at the end.

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Use . I have tried that i think it will give you better results...
Thanks Quickgun12, you have wrote a nice instruction and guide which will help people , who need to learn seo and who work on promote traffic and rank for website.
one most effective tool to check backlink is google webmasters, seo quake.... etc..
I am using backlinkwatch for checking backlinks...
I think it is a good tool to check backlinks..
There are many ways but I can use the majestic SEO to check the backlinks. Also bing recently launched a site explorer, although I didn't yet tried it. But I am sure it will be good.
i think its automatic to check ur website :/
I think Google just displays the result of backlinks from sites with higher page rank and from quality and related sites.

There are lots of backlinks checker that can be used for the purpose of checking backlinks. Quickgun12's post points to good resources.
To check backlinks in 2012, it is done via the google webmasters page. You will see way more backlinks that you expected there.
Backlink Watch greatly helps you to know every bit about your inbound links. It includes anchor text, pagerank, quality of backlinks by finding total outbound links.
I used backlinkwatch and opensiteexplorer
If you don’t use Yahoo then you can use backlink watch tool to check the backlink of your website.
I have found a new website to check back-links and that is moreover you can also know your competitors from it's seo tools.
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