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Modifying games is the REAL GAME

guys.... i have been doing the game editting stuff for some months.. believe me thats a real experience far far beyond playing these games... I tried GTA San Andreas ...editted sounds....dailogues ... 3D buildings ... cop uniforms..... vehicles... all in all..i made it like i m driving in my own city.
i m sure that here are a lot of otghers too..who are in such stuff...lets share our skills n experiences here...
pls show me your interest n i'll be posting some "contentful" posts here
waiting for your response
Umm.. how would I go about doing this? Shocked
I've used a gameshark and i've used a mod-chip for burned games... but i've never actually modified a game.. sounds interesting.
There is a game called Descent 3. Ever heard of it? It was great because it had a multiplayer map maker along with it, so for any multiplayer games, you could use custom maps, there were soo many different maps that people created and 90% were worth playing in. A friend of mine once introduced me to a program that would allow me to modify the behaviour of ships, weapons, sheilds, and a multitude of other things. It was really worth the time, because eventually, between me and my brother, it became the battle of the cheaters, considering we could modify the weapons. It was a whole new world of Descent 3 that was opened up to me. So, I can appreciate how you feel in GTA SA, driving in your own city. Smile
Agreed...modding a game is just as fun as playing it. Neverwinter nights is a great game and all, but when you can go and edit the models/textures/scripts just becomes awesome. I actually made a mod to be like defense of the ancients(warcraft III mod). It was great.
guys..thx for ur interest...i have not worked much modding the gamesother than GTA SA...coz the maximum modding tools i could find were for this game...specially the graphics part... the "IMG" files included in the game are basically archives, containg a collection of 3D, 2D n framed graphics (files)...
If someone of you have a GTA SA installed on ur PC...try opening the archive... a handy tool for this is available at
after you open up...ectract the TXD files... these are texture files
Use G_TXD available at
to open up these files and get 2D images...edit them in any picture editor...and add them back to the original archive.... u will see the new graphic in the game
Are you thinking howz it FUN??...... i edited all the biilboards on the Las Venturas highway...have put pictures of my gf there on the boards Wink... How would you feel when you are driving at highway n on each billboard:)

the both tools mentioned above are small files..wont take long to download them...but both give you much ease to open up GTA SA graphics

waiting for you experience:)
I did some serious modding back in the day for Max Payne and Max Payne 2. It's some years ago now, but I always enjoyed making maps, animations, sounds and graphics. I actually think I've contributed to a mod called "The Agents" for Max Payne 2. It's a matrix mod. And Also, I've been helping aztec out a bit, back in his early days developing "street Fighter" for Max Payne 2. I can't take credit for actually doing something on it, but I know I've helped him do his stuff as good as possible.

Also, be sure to check out database) It's got all mods you can think of, and in case you didn't know; most games are moddable.
mods are amazing and if u can do good ones they actually do make the game so much more fun, the only prob is finding the right programs

the elder scrolls series is prolly my favourite to mod as it comes with a modder like nverwnter nights only it has everything to make your own game from it

its like the engine etc

another thing is making ure own game off a game engine like say quake or doom now those were the days and now half life 2 etc

modding is easily the upside to games, i have as much fun with modding as i do playing the games especially as with gta games u can actually make it your city

Modding FTW
Red Alert 2 I have tried before.. adding all the different maps and character, and make them all-powerful. It is a great feeling. Wink You can change the place where you don't like in the game. It is like god. =p
Modding is good, it allows creative freedom for gamers, it gives us more than what the programmers made. There are lots of mods out there from maps, to skins etc. Some have sites entirely dedicated to them, but I would also love to see a MOD for fighting games (a PC game specifically) although there is MUGEN Im thinking if there is a MODABLE PC fighting game that at least looks very professional.
If you like making your own games, use Garry's Mod. So easy to get something up and running. Lots of content to play with.
I wrote quite a few mods back in the day for Unreal and Unreal Tournament, boy was that fun. You would have a group of 5-10 people working on a mod, each person doing it because it was what they loved doing (better have been cuz we weren't getting paid). There was an amazing sense of community too, of course back then the mod community was really small and we all knew each other, and hung out on the same IRC channels.

It definitely required a lot of dedication, but I think it paid off in the end. There was no better feeling than when after pulling all nighters for a week straight we had thousands of people enjoying and downloading our work.

Another great thing about making mods is that it's a great way to break into the gaming industry, if that's what you want to do. About 90% of us from back in the day are in the gaming industry now, and I'm not sure we would have made it otherwise. We've also hired a few people at my company because of their experience making mods.
Hey I've been doing the same with GTA SA and GTA VC. It's really fun to play as Mario in the game. I enjoy modding because it makes the replay value of the game much higher and I enjoy playing it with mods. I just modded GTA VC to include Sonic and Masterchief skins. Very Happy
I wish I had time to get into modding seriously -- I started working on a Team Fortress mod using Deus Ex as a base (the existing "augmentation" architecture was going to make for some awesome class-based abilities) but it never got anywhere, since half the team dropped off over the half-year or so it was in development. We made some nice assets -- models, skins, maps -- and a bit of supporting code, but it never really came together into a solid design. I'd love to do something like that again.
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