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amazing story

I thought this one was soo cool.....

Don Karkos heroically regained sight in his right eye in November after 65 years. A 1941 Navy submarine explosion had knocked him out, and doctors had told him many times that he would never see with that eye again, but Karkos, 82 (a retired horse farmer who works as a security guard at New York's Monticello Raceway), was butted in the head by a horse in November and awoke the next day with sight regained. He told the Times Herald-Record of Middletown, N.Y., in December that the blow he took from My Buddy Chimo was even harder than the one from the concussion. [Times Herald-Record, 12-13-0
Captain Fertile
That is so cool! I would hate to lose my sight it is so important to me.

Can you imagine how it must feel to lose you sight and then regain it, it most be amazing.

A nice story.
that could be the greatest gift god could give that man...a total mind-****** to wake up and be able to see after so long.
The story seems rather far-fetched, but it could be true, I suppose. In most cases though, neurons that don't get used (i.e.: those that work for his right eye) get rewired to do other stuff or degenerate. But I wouldn't know for sure, I don't do research in this area. Confused
It's a nice story indeed. It is always nice when miracles like this happens. Science still is not 100% waterproof. And that could give people just enough hope to keep continuing believing. Having faith, etc. Don't give up people..
Yo my grandpa is blind in one eye mby I should hit him in the head and he might regain his sight as well.
But I gota admit that this is pretty cool.
This is a good story, Ive heard of this kind of thing before. Did you hear of the WW1 pilot who got is plane shot up so bad that an onboard fire had him bailing. His chute malfunctioned and he went plummeting. The plane quickly lost altitude and made a lazy circle, impacting right underneath the falling man. The consequent explosion of unused fuel cushioned the pilots fall and he survived. Now I can hear the whooping and nonsense, Im not saying the story is true but its a nice story and it would have been amazing if it was, isnt it?
HAHAHA!!! this will give the doctors a kick in their 'behind'.
Super story, love that he got his sight back, I would just kill myself, not really, if I ever lost my sight.
And now there will go alot of mony to research on what has happened, well, better that that it will go to another stupid thing like that where they found out what napoleon died of, waste of money.
Wonderfull story...
I wonder what his first thought were... Everything has changed so much since his accident..
It reminded me of the "little house in the prairy" when Mary's hubby got a kick in the head (or something like that, been a while since I seen it) and presto, he could see again...

I would hate to lose my sight it is so important to me.

Me too... I dont know how I would cope or if i could.
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