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KitKats – An amazing international pedigree...

Captain Fertile
Hooray! I hear you cry, the Captain is asking another bloody candy question. Rolling Eyes

Well on my marathon (or should that be snickers* Laughing ) journey through the topography of international candy I have discovered that the humble KitKat bar seems to be a secret international superstar with tons of varieties and combinations available which vary according to where you live. Trying to break it all down is a minefield so I am once again calling on my friends at FriHost.


…What country do you live in? (this is important)


Which KitKat bars are on sale in your country all of the time?
(I don’t mean special one off varieties, I mean the variations available all of the time)

Things such as dark, milk and white chocolate variations, the number of fingers, the size, the actual name etc. can vary nation to nation.

I saw Wikipedia has an extensive list but I don’t know how reliable it is plus it is very complicated to work out in a format a need so I am asking the question above.

Thanks guys.

*Here in the UK the Snickers bar used to be called a Marathon bar years ago. Yes it was a poor attempt at humour.
Here in New York, we've got the normal four-bar kind, at halloween you get the "fun size" two-bar variety. They had limited-time-only dark and white chocolate ones (I loved the dark ones). The also have the Big Kat, which I think is just a single huge bar, instead of four small ones.

They also sell various candies in bite size, ball-shaped varieties, and KitKats are no exception.

One time my local candy store had European KitKat bars for some reason. They were advertising a contest, but I wasn't eligible because I don't live in the UK.
OK this is hard (some may not be sold anymore, they release a new one every week lol)
I live in Australia
We have:
Regular, 2 sticks
White Chocolate
Mint Chill
Cookie Dough
Mint Crisp
There are more I just can't remember them, PM me when you finish your huge survey
Captain Fertile
You have a couple there I have never seen. I bet the cookie dough one is really nice. I love any candy with cookie dough or peanut butter.
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