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Help - I tried to change Email but must've mistyped it

I tried to change my email address on my username (AgentME) on the profile page, but I think I mistyped the email address (agentme49 AT and I never got the email, so now my account is inactive until I get that email's activation link, and the I-Forgot-My-Password doesn't work as it recognizes neither my new email address nor my old one.

Can some reactivate my account and set the address to mine?
Are you sure the email hasn't been sent to the trash can (a common AOL/Frihost problem) ?
I activated your account. It's "Agent ME" by the way. Also please change your email to a non-AOL/AIM one as they regularly/always block our emails.
I see you're right about the AOL blocking, and I was stupid enough to try to do the 'I forgot my pass' thing again thinking that I'd find it in my Email's Spam folder (But it didn't even get to there - assuming it doesn't take 5 hours for it to be delivered).

Can you change my email address back to my old one (agentme AT My email worked correctly with that before.
AgentME wrote:
Can you change my email address back to my old one (agentme AT My email worked correctly with that before.

You will be able to do this yourself. As Bondings said, he has activated your account so you can now log in (your username is "Agent ME" not "AgentME") and make the required changes in your profile.
I changed my aol settings (turned spam guard completely off) and hit 'I forgot my password' to test if the email would get to my address then.

I was wrong and it happens that feature disables your account effectively until you read that email which has the password - but AOL is stupid.
As Bondings said, AOL block all emails from the Frihost server - this has nothing to do with your spam filters. This is why we wanted you to change your email address on-file from AOL to another address. You'll now need to wait until one of the admins re-activates your account again before you will be able to use it.

This time, please change the email address in your profile to a non-AOL address Wink
Your account is still active. Just try to login.
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