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My site is noob site. I need pointers.

My site is located in my signature.
You have to add serious content first, then advertise
{name here}
Yes, add some content, but also have some contrast on your links and text. I can't really see the links that well. Consider changing the name Bump_on_a_log to camelcase to match the World part. It also might be wise to use a Div based design, as I don't see anything that would require you to use a table in your design(and I have seen some that would be more complex under a div design).
uhh what is ur site about?
i would classify your site as a personal site / blog site. So, focus in that direction. Make static pages about you and your interests, and dynamic blog pages about the things you are doing.

Some hints to get you started...

- don't use tables for layouts. Use divs... This is what your probably going to want to use -- 3 column , fluid central div.

- Leave your navigation bar static... mostly... Changing the style of the current page in the navigation is ok, but don't entirely remove it from your navigation.

Figure out the DIV's, and your site will look entirely different.. and better..

Lets see what you can don.
Ill look into that. Thanks. My site im making for my computer programming class is a little more up to date with my skills. I think I know what you mean by divs, but i'll check it out anyways. Thanks again. Oh, yeah! My site is just for informational purposes primarily. As I learn more I want to add downloads and possibly even user accounts.
Yep, make sure you fill it up with some content before releasing it Smile
looks like a good foundation, but you have some work ahead before you should advertise!
I highly recommend you get yourself a CMS (content management system) such as Joomla, Typo3 and the ever-so-popular blogging cms: Wordpress.

But nice start for a beginner. You're well on your way.
how do I download/unzip a file using DirectAdmin? Thats my question, now.
I think I may upload my "homework site" to what I have already just to show what I already know mainly so you guys dont have to go into really deep detail.
oh my homework site can be found at

you may want to use IE because its not showing up with any of my CSS formatting in Firefox (yes, its 2.0). If you want to look over my CSS file its at
well if u ask me to rate this ur site...I wpuld give you 1/10....I am sorry,but I am speaking very straight.

U need to work lot more....the best and easy way is to use any content database joomla,drupal,phpnuke (all are free).........

Other thing I wud suggest you are..
1)dont use any backgroung colour...or even if you want to use ,than use very light attractive clour like pink.

2)use a cool banner for ur website.

3)Always write the text in small font and prefer to use black colour.
hey guys I made a topic under design tips thats probably more useful for my situation. Its called help with IE/FF (i dont care which),but I need some pointers.
Definetly need more content.

Consider using bright colours to attract attention. The reason I mentioned this was because I thought the site was a bit dull. No offence, but audiences may prefer a brighter happier site.

If you would want to increase your Google PR, consider swapping links with other sites. But many will only swap links when there is decent content on the site.

I also recommend a program like WordPress or some other blog script. Its free and Ive looked into it.
The site has lack of content and sometimes it bables on for a bit.

I also suggest that you should spice up the layout a bit. If you don't know HTML try learning it and if you can't do that then there are plenty of websites which offer free layouts like:

I think you might also want to think of why you are actually making a website so that you have a kind of goal. That way if for instance your website is about football, you can get content based on football stuff and it won't seem contentless.
thanks @Yanyan...the teo website you mentioned are really very good.They ahve good layout.

hey you can try these two also
too simple and common
you may want to see the revamped version of my website and i have a new topic for design tips for my site.

its called "I would like some feedback about the layout of my site" under the "Design Tips" Forum.
Jamie Summersett
you could ask for an artist to make you a new banner! Rolling Eyes Every one starts out at the begining. Don't let the more advanced users discurage you, they have just been at it longer and should know this. Not everyone is a graphic artist/html author. Some have to hunt for the images or code or hire someone to else to do it. I would make you one FREE, but I may not be back to this post so e-mail me at If you want some help. Wink
I give you a honest opinion. I don't like your site, because:

  • Your site uses Tables, DIVs are more practicle.
  • There isn't any cathegory where to put it. Your site has many subjects and the difference it too wide.
  • Layout simple sucks. With DIVs it would looks better that with those massive bordered table cells.
  • Never use frames. This is a bit offtopic, but you linked your Homework site and it has frames. So drop them and learn some PHP instead of it.

You should learn xhtml, css, php and maybe a little bit mysql wont hurt you. And if you have time and really want to study more, then think about javascript. I know the basics, but haven't use it on myself. You can do better stuff with php and css, but some subjects can only do with javascript.

You should also pratice some image editing and creating. I use GIMP and it is free, but some says it has odd system. You can really improve your graphics with a little work.

yeah I should probably completely get rid of my homework site, and yes I know that it is crap.

I now know how to use divs.

I have been using CSS.

Yes I also know not to use frames any more.

There is not much more to learn for XHTML, basically its stricter HTML and requires a special tag. I'm going to wait to convert my site to XHTML until it is closer to completion.

On my homework website I actually did use a little javascript and CSS.
(Oh wait! Did I update to be identical to the one I finally turned in? Maybe thats why Im slightly confused.)

I have had the GIMP now for a few months.

Ive been trying to learn some php and mysql.

I actually prefer the GIMP's interface over photoshop's because its easier to do certain things with the GIMP.
as i thought, i didnt update the online version of my homework site.

im going to work on that now.
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