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Pixel art required - offering FriH$150

Hi all,

I'm currently working on a tile-based game for cellphones. I've coded up most of the game and I've got some levels written as well. My problem is that I have no artwork, so I'd like someone to create it for me please. I'm offering FriH$150 (negotiable) for the creation of the following artwork package:

My game is set in an Ancient Egyptian pyramid, BTW.

Maze Elements:
Background is to be a plain colour, probably a sandy yellow-orange
Wall: probably a plain black square, although could try some patterned walls
Level exit/objective: I'm thinking maybe a staircase leading down to the next level
Keys and a door: player collects all the keys to open the door: keys could be changed to any object that fits in with the theme, not sure what though
A different door that is opened with a press of a button, and of course the button to go with it
Moving floors to go north, east, south and west: static images
Rocks that can be moved around
Holes into which the rocks can be pushed
A detonator, which causes all the bombs to explode
Explosion - an animation of about 4 frames for when a bomb goes off
Ice - OK, this doesn't fit into the theme, but what else can I have where the player is forced to keep moving straight?
Teleporter pad
Flippers(?) that the player can pick up to allow him to cross the water; the flippers idea is from Chip's Challenge, if anyone has a better idea, please let me know...
"Popup walls" - basically a button which changes into a wall as the player walks across

The hero - dressed as an archeologist; I need facing N, S, E and W
Monsters - undead mummies, again facing N, S, E and W but also one which can represent facing any direction, if possible

The general view is top-down, although I'd like a sort of perspective side-view for the characters, if you follow that.

The tiles and characters should be either 16*16px or 20*20px, whichever you find easier to draw.

In addition to that, I'd like some graphics for the following cut-scenes:
Player being attacked by a mummy
Player falling down a hole
Player drowning
Player being blown up
Player advancing to the next level (ie. passing through the level exit)
Player completing the game (still undecided as to what this should look like, I'll let you know)

And also a title screen, although I haven't decided what I want for this yet.

IIRC the appropriate dimensions for these would be about 90*50px, although I will look up the exact details.

Graphics should be in PNG format, using 256 or fewer colours.

I can email you my existing (dreadful) tileset so you can see what I mean by some of the above, if you like.

The final game will be either freeware or shareware; if you object to having your work included in either of these please let me know. You will of course get full credits in the game.

Once again, I am offering FriH$ 150 (negotiable) for the above. If you are interested, please reply or PM me.


I am also looking for a title for this game; anyone with an idea please post here. I will pay FriH$ 20 for any title I decide to use in my game. The basic plot is a guy who goes adventuring in an Egyptian pyramid, probably looking for treasure or something.

Thanks very much in anticipation,
- QSComputing.
Treasure Hunt
Captain Fertile
Possible Game Names:

Beneath Burning Sands
Beneath the Valley of the Kings
Catacombs of Isis
Catacombs of Karnak
Catacombs of Terror
Crazy Catacombs
Cool as Isis
Curse of the Ancients
Curse of Khufu
Curse of the Pharoes
Curse of the Scarab
Enter the Catacombs
Khufu’s Revenge
King Tut’s Treasure
Manic Mummies
Pharoe’s Gold
Pyramid Plunder
Rage of Ramesses
Rahotep’s Revenge
Riddle of the Nile
Sands of Time
Sarcophagus of Terror
Secrets of Thebes
Tales of Karnak
Tales of the Scorpian
Tasks of Ptolemy
The Catacombs
Tomb of the Pharoes
The Scarab’s Curse
The Search for the Sphynx’s Beard

Hope something here sparks some inspiration – try mixing and matching some of the names above. I think the subject you have chosen is a very fertile ground for inspiration.

PS You may wantr to check any titles for copyright problems, there are bound to be some 1940's movies floating about with similar titles. Wink
Thanks for those suggestions, especially to Captain Fertile. I will probably use one of those titles in my game; if not, it will certainly serve as excellent inspiration! So I'm sending you 20 FriH$, especially as "The Search for the Sphynx’s Beard" gave me a good laugh!!

Thanks very much,
- QS.
Captain Fertile
Pleased you liked them, thanks for the F$. I tried to offer serious and quirky titles because I wasn't sure what approach you were mking toward the game style.

If you wanted to make a series you could always call this one:

Archie Ologist and the ______________

At least then you have a character name and you can start a series - it did wonders for many a platform game. Laughing

Then comes the merchandising connected to the character, hmmm now maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself LOL.

There are plenty of exciting scenarios an archeologist can be put into just look at Indiana Jones.

Good luck with the game. Smile
Interesting idea... I was thinking maybe to eventually build this up as a flagship product, with different editions for cellphone, PC, etc, and different games with the same character - shootemup, maze, RPG, etc.

Although maybe not 'Archie Ologist', because that sounds like I haven't put any thought into the name (no offense!).
Oh my, I forgot I promised to help you with this... all right, I'll try to make some of the sprites now, I don't need any payment Smile

Ice - OK, this doesn't fit into the theme, but what else can I have where the player is forced to keep moving straight?

Hot glowing coal.

I made some sprites:


Do you like them? Should I make more?
You promised to help me with this? I don't remember.

Anyway, I've got someone who's making some graphics for me already (sorry, I should've mentioned it earlier), but if he doesn't come up with the goods, I'll ask you, Loghete. Thanks.
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