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my own webhosting. What will I need?

I want to launch my own webhosting for about 5-10 domains (very small) what software will I need?

gentoo linux, apache, php, mysql of course, but what else?

- how to sending emails
- what is good web administration tool (like cPanel, DirectAdmin but free)
- administrating domains
- administrating FTP
- administrating database
I don't know what else

I could do many things by editing config files, but I want others to change some parameters when I am not available.

I only want some tips, to show the way, ...

Thank you
Sorry... worng post... :p
cheeta wrote:
Well u need only One domain name... Just one is needed not 5 - 10...

One domain (.com) would cost 9.95 from Yahoo

Hosting, which is free here... Smile

and u may Code it with HTML
if u cant then install a Blog / CMS to start instantly where no coding knoledge is needed...

i suggest installing blog is the best, as its as easy as posting here in the forum.. Smile

I want to host about 5 projects with their domains. I have these domains. I have working pages.

I want something faster and more accessible then frihost (sorry frihost admins)
Same here I am looking into hosting my websites on my own systems too. I will be paying attention to the replies to your thread hohoho for a blueprint to set up self hosting at home hahaha.

Only thing stopping me at the moment is I am still on ADSL2+. The bandwidth of 10Mbps download and 1Mbps upload is sufficent for my meagre needs... problem is the damned dynamic IP. Pity my country have only ADSL2+ and 30Mbps cable which are all dynamic IP unless you pay more for a fixed IP. Right now I am using shared hosting plan for USD10 per year from Netfirms. As soon as I get optics fibre connection which is being launch next year. I will move to self hosting hahaha.
I also would be interested on what you need to put up your own server, o_O... Ive tried before but never got anything to functional working...
Get a server. Even an old 500MHz computer will do fine. Stick Debian or something on, Gentoo in your case. Get Apache, MySQL, and PHP installed. If you want an SSH server, I'd recommend OpenSSH, since it's the only one I have used Razz You'll probably want an FTP server, which should probably be either ProFTPD or Pure-FTPd. You will most definately need bind9/named, which is the DNS server, and therefore required if you want to run more than one site. As for a mail server, I personally never got one working, but I believe I used Dovecot for POP3, and Postfix for SMTP, which will probably work. Once you have all of those installed, or the ones you want (at least Apache, MySQL, PHP, POP3/SMTP server and Bind/Named) you'll need to configure and secure them. Someone else will probably need to help you with that, as I'm not the best at securing servers. Once you test everything locally, you'll need to open up the ports on your router:

21: FTP
22: SSH
25: SMTP
53: DNS
80: Apache
110: POP3 (AFAIK)
143: IMAP (If needed)
3306: MySQL (I believe it needs to be opened on the router, but I can't say for sure)

I think those are all of them...

As for administrating databases, I'd probably say go with phpMyAdmin, as that'll probably be easiest. Off the top of my head, I can't think of anything for administrating FTP, but I believe most FTP daemons just use the users already on the server, so not much administration is required. I also don't know of anything for administrating domains, as I've always just edited the files manually.

In terms of a web administration tool, I've heard VHCS and Webmin are decent.

That's all I can think of that's needed. Sorry I couldn't give tips on configuring them, but if you have any questions or problems, feel free to let me know.
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