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Advertising in exchange for banners on your site or FriH$

Hello all,

I have just started up a new ad network. The concept is very simple: you put your adverts in the database, and place some code on your website which displays adverts there. Then, for every advert displayed on your website, you will earn credits - 5 for a large banner, 2 for a small banner and 1 for a text link. These credits are then used automatically to pay to display your adverts on other websites - at the same rates. Yes, this is a completely fair exchange, unlike most ad networks where you have to display more adverts than you get displayed.

You can sign up at my website:

In fact, I am going to give you an even better offer, valid for as long as I can honour it:

If you sign up at my website, and create at least one large banner advert and place adverts on your website, then I will give you completely free of charge EITHER 10 FriH$ OR 100 ad credits (that's enough for 20 large banner displays, 50 small banner displays or 100 text link displays).

To claim the reward, simply PM me stating which reward you would like and your username at, and I will send it as soon as possible.

I am also selling additional ad credits at a rate of 10 credits for 1 FriH$. To purchase these, simply send me some FriH$ and let me know your username.

Any questions? Please ask!

So to recap: put adverts on your site and get free advertising and free FriH$.
Hey - that is quite a cool idea! - It probably works wonders for SEO too - I'm in! - and so should all you guys be...


EDIT: Dont donate frih$ to me - they are pointless.
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