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Making money from your hobby

I've been a musician for a long time and taught music in high schools but now i'm retired i have been playing in a band and have learned about recording as a hobby. Last week i recorded a demo for an advertising jingle and was paid AUD$500! If the ad campaign goes ahead there are 36 recordings to do (12 versions in three languages)... all i was doing was having fun! woot!

Does anyone else have a hobby they make money from?
im sure that blogging is a hobby that many people make money with
Congrats on your recording deal. My longtime hobbies are reading novels and keeping aquariums and aviaries. So not much hope of making a significant living from those. In recent times I have developed an interest in the world wide web. I have heard that some people earn a lot through their blogs. It's a fascinating idea for me. But it takes a lot of know how I guess.
Captain Fertile
Hey well done! Applause

They say that if you can make money from something you trully enjoy then you will never work another day in your life.

Here's hoping things take off for you.
hey good job!
As a hobby I paint and I'm planning to make enough paintings and have an exhibition. If all goes well, i hope people will be interested in my work ^^
Captain Fertile wrote:
Hey well done! Applause

They say that if you can make money from something you trully enjoy then you will never work another day in your life.

Here's hoping things take off for you.

To be honest, I want to keep it at the fun level. It was nice to get that job, but I wouldn't want to feel under pressure to find more work. The ca$h was just a bonus on top of a pleasant evenings activity. I don't want the money to become the focus of my efforts.
I am not having any hobby which does earn me any money. But I love reading books, so maybe I will start a website on it, and start raking in tons of money... Rolling Eyes
I don't even know how to get started.
If you can integrate your hobby into the internet... there are ways to earn from it.

Frome, for instance, I have my blog and sites, which I get a bit of money from google adsense. Very Happy
AUD $500 for a recording thats a good amount of money to have from your hobby, i don't think most people would be able to make that much from their job..Wink ... i think you are one of the lucky one's who have that opportunity.
I think you will be very happy if he / she is able to make money from his / her hobbies. I like to play guitar and flute. Now, I will make my money from the Flute, guitar and folk song classes that I taught day from day.
It's very happy.
blueman wrote:
AUD $500 for a recording thats a good amount of money to have from your hobby, i don't think most people would be able to make that much from their job..Wink ... i think you are one of the lucky one's who have that opportunity.

I agree. I think it's probably something to do with the advertising industry. They seem to expect everything will be expensive. That $500 wasn't a fee I requested, it was just their first offer and I said yes.

Anyway I got some feedback and they like the demo, so we'll see what happens next.
Congrats for you. It's always nice to earn money from your hobby. I can understand your concern on keeping it on this level, since turning a hobby to a fulltime job sometime can reduce the fun very much.

It's your choice, best wishes for you.
I've been making a living from my hobby for the past 11 years. I produce and direct television dramas.

In school, I always loved acting and directing and would always looks for an opportunity to put on a show or a play and this was my hobby back then.

Then I was in university, I used to act for the local tv station as a hobby, and when I graduated, I couldn't think of doing any job but that. So I joined the station and picked up the ropes of producing and directing and now I have my own production company. I'm not doing fantastically well, and I make just enough to feed my family, but I have never felt like I was "working" these past 11 years.

There was a time seven years ago when I did take up a different job, but that didn't last two months because it really felt like work! So I went back to my hobby again and here I am now.

I know my dad isn't particularly happy wth my choice of career - he wanted a doctor, a lawyer, engineer, or at least someone who puts on a tie and works in a decent office - but I really can't think of anything else I would rather be doing because this is so fun. And it all started out as a hobby.

I now teach my hobby at an educational institution on a part time basis too. It's just my way of sharing what I know to the next generation.

Resource Centre for Digital Video Productions
Manus et Therion
As a hobby and serious interest, I've been reading Tarot cards for about 25 years now. Just this December I started doing it professionally. Now I am a full-time Tarot Reader and I make 1,600 USD a month and up. And this is just the start. Once I get my van rolling again, I will be travelling around to fairs and other meet-and-greet opportunities, plus I will be selling merchandise. And now that this hobby is producing a taxable income, I get to write-off all the stuff I spend money on anyway. Smile
my hobby is thinking about how to improve things. since I'm still a kid, I don't think there's any way I'll be making money out of that but I sure hope to become one of them "user experience designers" that Cory Doctorow writes about in one of his novels.

also, have you guys heard about Hugh MacLeod? he does small cartoony drawings on the back of business cards and makes some money off of them too. you should check out if only to see his drawings.
Wow congrats on that Wink

I am in the same boat, photography used to be a hobby of mine but know i've turned it into my occupation and making money off something I love to do. I'm also into a little music production and have some artistes coming out soon, so hopefully i'll make some money off that hobby.
i'm running one cute site about german group Tokio Hotel.... it's a fan-club too and has really much to do in it every day.... so it's my hobby. but this hobby takes sooooooo much time, that i really think it should bring some money too. however, for now, i spend more money, than i get back from it... Confused
I teach kitesurfing. Which is my hobby.

It is no way enjoyable though. Using the limited time there is good wind to teach noobs.

but the money is good and its frikken easy to do.

wind season is over so no more $200 for 2 hrs work.
My hobby is web-design, so sometimes I do work for friends\clients, and get money for it. As usual it is not big money, but I get experience Smile
I think it's pretty easy to at least make a little pocket change for doing what you love to do in your own spare time. I knit, sew, do web design, photography...lots of artsy stuff, and people are usually more then eager to shell out a little cash for something that is unique and handmade, rather then being made overseas or in a factory. It helps push yourself in your craft(s) and just gives you a great deal of experience in the process, so everyone wins all around--they get a unique piece of work from someone, and you get to expand your horizons. Smile
I have many Hobbies I play a couple musical instruments such as the guitar,and the Hammered Dulcimer "The Ancient Piano".I am also a artist i love to draw all kinds of different things,perncil,charchol,pen.I've only done one ol painting but it turned out pretty nice.I can do portraits also.
I yousted to be in a band also and I had a 4 track recorder and I produced our first alblem with it.we didn't make any money off it though.

I have an idea to make money off of my painting hobbie.I am Going to take pictures of tractors at my Home Town fair This year or tr and find some photos that we're taken last year.. and paint tractors exactly the way they looked at the Fair and sell them at the fair the folowing year.
maybe someone will see there tractor and be very moved to buy the paice of art that was of something that the own...

I also love to mess around with photoshop and make animations in gif.'s so rewarding to see what you can accomplish after spending alot of time on it.I would like to make a website that I will sell some of my art work or do art work for people that have request of like portraits or something charchoal.
I dabble in alot of different things I guess ,I even yousted to do tattoos.for free lol. But I decided it wasn't for me although I know I could make good money doing it.I don't want to deal with the stress of it though I get worried that I would mess one up. Shocked
I use to do web dev as a hobby and to get paid for it. I then found out that everyone is doing it and it turned into more of a barter option vs a paid option so not bad sometimes LOL
Designing websites is a fun hobby and you can sometimes get paid at least 25 GBP an hour.
minik wrote:
Designing websites is a fun hobby and you can sometimes get paid at least 25 GBP an hour.

Ahm... what do you mean by 25 GBP an hour? XD
Face it. It is not our contries that sucks its us. Why in ecery country in the world the people say this country sucks. Money aren't easy deal its hard work . I know a lot about computing software and hardware.So what i get a dine or two now and then. My advice Get a real job get a real life. HOBBY is HOBBY. Its made for free time not work.
CyberSpic wrote:
HOBBY is HOBBY. Its made for free time not work.

can't agree more...
our hobbies are one of the things in our hectic life, doing which we can really relax. doing hobby, we can forget about everything - our troubles, the things we have to do, about work and responsiblity.... making money from a hobby... (i mean big money, which you could use to live on) will reduce the unicness of the thing we like to do... hobby will not bring us so much pleasure, as it used to... we would have to do it not from time to time, but everytday.. to make money of it... the it would stop being a hobby! and as a result we can lose it... ((
i hobbies is teaching folk song, now , i can use the song to generate profit, it's good
My hobby is art and I'm happy that I can sometimes make money from it selling old and unnecessary works or doing commissions. But I never tried to make it my job or else. Art selling - good, I'm never against extra cas. Not selling - no tragedy for me, I tend to leave it as a hobby so I get pleasure from it.
I play the piano, and I'm teaching it to others. I do this for three years now, while I am still a student. It pays very well for now Cool.
And the best part: all of my students I have because of the internet: my frihosted site. So that became my second hobby, next to playing the piano.
Studio Madcrow
I'd love to make some money from my hobby, as film photography is a bit pricey AND being able to call yourself a pro seems to make people respect you in the photo world, even if you're not as good as someone who isn't...
Making money from a hobby hmmm? I suppose I have...

I used to really be into the MMORPG scene, played that for a while... And eventually smartened up and started selling in-game money for real life money, which supported my subscription to keep playing and then some....

Other major hobby of mine is making websites. Haven't really made anything off that yet, since I've only really made fun things for myself, and volunteered to be the webmaster for a local boy scout troop...

No pay of course, but it's cool doing what I enjoy for someone else.
My hobby is playing the guitar. Rolling Eyes I'm still student, but in the future i'd like to play in a band,( which i'm still looking for Smile ) and earn money from my hobby. Of course "pleasant evening activity" would be more than money for me Wink
The tough thing about making money from a hobby is that once you choose to rely on that money as your main source of income, it no longer is a hobby and then becomes your job. If it is something you truly enjoy, then I believe you can have it become a job without it really feeling like a job. But once it becomes your job, then it can tend to become less enjoyable. It is a real blessing to find a job you love, or to turn a hobby into a profitable profession. Just make sure to enjoy it! It's all about loving what you do.
i play in a band called mouldylocks ( and we don't make a penny! indeed, we are geniuses but our music doesn't seem to interest anyone. a shame, cause music is a great hobby!
If only people would give me a chance....
yes, i like to make money from my hobbies, that is teaching guitar and flute
I am currently learning to use websites as a passive income resource but the tasks involved just shows time is pretty essential before you could see any rewards on your efforts. XDDD
Atm I'm doing some website jobs and have made about $500 totally.
I make dolls as a hobby, and I am starting to sell them on ebay. I have so many hobbies though, I paint, keep fish, make jewelry. I love to work with my hands. Which is good, because as a job I am a dental technician. I make dentures, crowns and bridges.
Captain Fertile
Absolutely nothing to stop you doing it if that is what you want ot do. Just go for it and don't listen to the doom and gloom merchants who have done nothing themselves.
Yeah!! same here!!
I allways DJ-ed for fun. And never considered actually getting paid for it. Perhaps a few parties with friends thats it. but after this one party they ( a local club) asked me to come back and become their resident DJ. Now 8 years later i played in more then 18 countries, and make a good buck out of it!
However it's not my "real" job, so all this money is extra! ( if i don't spend everything on buying new records) Wink
I don't exactly make money at one of my hobbies (although I do at others), I made a webpage....a person with the username Hammy fixed my page for me so that it would work though. Embarassed

I made the webpage to provide an outlet for my Main Hobby, which is research. I post what I find online. How to get medicine free, and well made, but inexpensive, glasses, and other things. I have had so many people give things to us (my family) that I wanted to give something back.

I am rambling... lol I LOVE looking things up....I do other things, ebay, write reports.... And yeah...all of these are hobbies, even the report writing. LOL I agree that hobbies can be work, and work can be a hobby...but I love the aspects of both...and the separation line blurs for me....

Miriah Very Happy
Money i think can be generated through your ideas but with your hard work also. Money is a luck factor as after having full knowledge and will you cannot make money and the person right in front of you is making mone through the tactics which you think are waste
My hobbies are camping, backpacking (trekking), exploring, and these along that line (pretty much any outdoor adventure). So unless I get lucky like Les Stroud from Survivorman or Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild, I don't see myself making a lot of money from my hobbies.
i also make money from playing guitar Very Happy
I have a hobby which does pay for itself and I suppose makes a little on the side. It does involve standing at a wood lathe for 3/4 days a week making various turned articles (type "whistle turning" into your browser and follow the links is the quickest way to find out). Then spending days at a time at craft fairs, flogging to folk what you have made and they don't necessarily want, just kidding the product is of superb quality, even if it is me saying so. Could turn (no pun intended) into quite a business if I let it take over, but I have to go on courses 2 days a week (Golf of course Laughing Laughing )
I am keeping try to make money from hobby.
I don't but that s okay Wink
Well hey guys Im back. Long time, no Lord. Well its been about a year now since I've got out my Maxx and played with it. I gave up a year ago when I stripped the carb and my fuel got old. It's like 2 hrs to buy fuel so I just called it quits for the year. Well I have a new carb 5 new plugs, new fuel and a summer job with the town and was wondering,"Whats the difference between Model Plane Fuel and Model Car/Truck fuel?" I was in Grand Islands Hobbytown today and noticed a pink gallon of gas for just $15!!!!!!! But then I thought "Theres something wrong here" and I asked the guy and he just said,"I wouldn't recommend it. It doesn't have the right fuel: oil ratio." So I grabbed the Odonnel and was out. (I don't like the Traxxas fuel and i wish that they would of had Bryons.) So was he right??? Is there that much of a difference in the fuels? I probably would of grabbed the pink stuff because nowhere did it say on the OMEGA label ONLY for planes.
have a Nitro MT2 and recently took it apart to replace the gears in the differentials. Now whenever i pull full throttle the truck will slow down and the engine will stop. Any help would be great.
What is the difference between the G3.0 and the T3.0 nitro engines?
Hi i have a new rc car a hpi evo 3 the guy sold the car and make a tune up to run perfect. Now im home with the car and the car dont want to start the roto start block every time im trying to start. What happen
Ghost Rider103
Designing graphics is kind of my hobby I guess, and I really enjoy doing it.

I haven't really made any money with it yet, but I am just looking for experience at the moment, but hopefully one day I will make money doing it.
I used to have loads of fun "paper trading" (Playing the stock market without money). After achieving a small degree of success, I began to use real money and again was successful enough not to lose any money, after a couple of months I was making a living - not a fortune - but a living. After about 8 months I got very burned-out from doing it. I can't even look at the financial section anymore. From now on I'll have to be careful to weigh the consequences of making money or losing a nice hobby.
you can make money from blogging ? when ? if you have more than a thousand visitors each day ?

I garden as a hobby and I swap most of the stuff there. I could sell about a hundred tomatoplants if I want most of the time what I cannot give away I throw away...
Wow, congrats on your recording deal.

If a person has profit in mind and engage in a hobby, can we still call it a hobby? And if a person engages in a hobby that turns into a profit making activity, does it still remain as a hobby? I have always thought of hobby as non-profit activity that is only meant to fulfill the pleasure and satisfy one's desires.

I have heard of people spending money on a hobby but earning from it doesn't qualify it to be a hobby anymore even though it is something that one likes to do. No?
I am currently 17 years old and I am a junior in high school and music is my ultimate passion. I write poetry and it's one of the most amazing things in my life. I've been writing poetry for 3 years or so, i will admit that I became pretty good at it. Another thing that I love doing is playing piano. I've played for 10 years now and 7 of those years I've taken lessons. I've gotten really good. I'm also a vocalist in a band. Our band is entitled Garden of Stone and we will get some stuff posted up as soon as we can find a web site. I'm trying to get on here. I bought a bunch of recording equipment that is set up in my trailer where our band records. High tech recording equipment and it really pays off. We're planning on releasing a cd during our high school's talent show where we plan to be playing next school year. We're really excited about all of this I'll admit and it's amazing. This summer we plan to get a lot of music and rehearsal done and I absolutly would die if I didn't have music to make my life complete and better.
Doesn't making money from your hobby like, not make it a hobby?
Making serious money from a hobby turns it from a hobby into a job - doesn't it ?

I've made small amounts from adverts on websites (Google Adsense anyone !!), and I also made some money when I took up refereeing (ice hockey) - but it does take the fun out of it IMHO.

As far as I'm concerned, a hobby make people resistant for some bad features of this world. I mean stress and this stuff. Earning money of doing what you love, is propably one of the best thing in life - each day is special. When you wake up, you don't think: "Oh, I'll spend 8 hours in f***** bureau..", but "Yeah, I'll do today something really cool!"
Ghost Rider103
Does Graphic Design count as a hobby?

I think I see it more as a job than a hobby. But in some cases I think it can be a hobby.

Doing graphic work for other people I see more as a job. Now if I create something, and then someone offers to buy it, then I see that as making money as a hobby. But that's just me.
how can you made money from your hobby, what kind of job, what hobbies???
I used to make programs in Delphi and sell them to people, but I got bored of it.

My girlfriend paints amazing paintings and she sells them, one of them was worth over $1500 (AUS)
I like to make websites. Sometimes I get a request from friends to make a website for them. They give me a small fee. This ain't alot of money, but its fun to get, still.

Its good to see they appreciate your work ;P
I would like to get paid to play music for others... kinda like a street thing.
I collect stamps. May be I can sell some of them to make some money.
I like making computer games. May be someday I can sell them and earn money? Also providing free hosting/running a hosting comany is also my hobby, and I used to earn money from that in 2003/04.
If you vision of rotating your hobby into a business then you’re not unaccompanied. After all it can give you an opening to earn a livelihood doing something you really love. Making it happen though isn’t always simple.
I think if your hobby make you earning money,what a good thing it is.And so far as I know,there are more and more people have their own blogs,and they earn money by post ads supporting by Google,etc. Smile
Well started working with dogs as a hobby in our club.

Currently I'm being paid to work with my own dog but I still give the cources in the dogclub.

It's always nice to be able to mix work with your hobby but one must be carefull he doenst get burned-out by doing the same thing in both his work and his free time.
I crochet to keep my hands busy when I'm watching TV or have nothing more pressing to accomplish. I have a couple of cute original designs that friends tell me I could sell, and I'm thinking about stockpiling stuff for a while and opening an Etsy shop, but I'm not actually making any money from hobbies, unless you count having little old ladies in the neighborhood slip me a $20 bill for teaching them how to print the fifty bazillion pictures of their grandchildren that they get in their email! Laughing
raine dragon
My web forum ( is my hobby, and it generates revenue. ^_^
I think that everyone dream to live from his favourite hobby Wink
i am a lighting designer for concerts. it is my passion and I get paid between $450-$1500 for a booking.

it is my passion and my life. i work a lot for famous dj's...
I, having retired from teaching, took up woodturning as a long held interest to do in retirement. Once all the kids, neibours and friends have been given or sold what I made, the onlty way forward was to go commercila or give up. So off I went roubnd the local craft fair circuit flogging my wares. Thjis was reasonably successful, so I went up market to Stately Home based events. All in all I had 11 years selling any thing from small rustic furniture to anything you could turn on a lathe. This month I retired for a second time as I could no longer get enough quality venues to continue to carry on fullish time. So nothing lasts, but if you jave an idea go with the flow intil it dries up
I have a gadget and PC blog which I update daily with the most recent news on technology, gadgets and computers and IT and I have a fair amount of visitors. It is a hobby because I don't spend any money on it, I have free hosting here on and installed wordpress which is free so i dont spend anything on it and the way I make momey out of my blog is that I sell advertising and use google adsense, so its an online bussiness....
But I'm not good enough to make dough at it.
prilly_baby wrote:
hey good job!
As a hobby I paint and I'm planning to make enough paintings and have an exhibition. If all goes well, i hope people will be interested in my work ^^

Good luck on your exhibit! I'm not much of an artist myself (I wish I had the talent), but as a writer who'd love to make a living at what I love to do, I'm thrilled to see anyone go after their dreams!
well, my hobby is computing Sad

but i never earn anything from my hobby.

how tragic Shame on you Shame on you tsk tsk tsk
Photography is a challenge to make money from, because you need to have a good eye for beauty and be able to capture that with your camera.

It is hard to sell a Photo print on the internet and stock photography is extremely competitive.
Well I have lots of hobby that I can use to make money for. I like drawing, but I am not as good or may be I don’t know how to sell any of my drawing. Actually I have lots of hobby that is related to art. I mean like “mehand” which is also called “Hina” or also can be described as temoporary tattoo. It is widely used in Indian marriages. Indian people are found of Mehandi. I love doing that and many people do it for their livings. So I think I can do that and make money. Also I like we designing, I am not trained for that. But I am sure that would be something I would enjoy. But it is great to make money by using your skills related to your hobby. That makes your hobby your work and thus you enjoy your work.
I sell cakes which are fun to design. I also take pictures. I'm known as the paparatzi of the family. I would love to get into selling some of my photo work. I'm just not sure how.
It's always wonderful if we could do what we like and get paid for it. It's like a double bonus. Most people are just too preoccupied with work that they can't even set to make revenue out of their hobbies, what more have a hobby. It would be great if we can generate passive income that frees us to get back to do what we truly enjoy in life.
I like to train dogs (and their owners) as a hobby, I am currently a graduate student studying neuroscience and I am a wife and mom of a 2 and 1/2 year I really don't get to have a lot of free time...but the only website I have is about my dog training services...and once in a while someone calls for my help. I really enjoy doing it, I love dogs but I love training is a lot of fun! I think the money I make is exactly the same or less than what I pay to be posted on a very well known positive dog trainers website, and that's where I get all the clients from anyway.

Maybe some day I will have more time...or I will have my own dog!!!!
Well, I am into haunted houses, web design, computer imaging, and playing the Alto, Tenor, and Bari sax.

I spend tons of money on the sax hobby. I have never got money out of it. :/
I have wasted a lot of time developing websites that I never even put online. I have attempted to do fund-raisers on my websites, but it doesn't work out all that well. I have never had anyone buy something. It's kind of depressing that I put so much time and money into it, and get nothing out of it.
I spend lots of time making images on the computer. I like manipulating photos into gory nightmares that would be weird even to Stephen King. I also like doing pixel art. I have only received virtual money for my art.
My biggest hobby right now is Haunted Houses. I really want to get financially involved in the haunted attraction industry. I have studied the industry for nearly a year (8 months).I have literally searched through thousands of pages on google looking for information about running haunts. I am also a very active member on a forum community filled with the best in the industry. The forum is called Haunt World. Here's a link if you're interested in it:
Honestly, I think the haunted attraction industry will be my only hobby that could get me money (after I invested 1,000's of dollars).
I think it's very nice to live from your hobby but few people can do that.

I do freelance graphic design. Ive been earning money from strangers my whole life and its really great.
I tried with producing music, and I have good skill (I dont just say that as something I think, I have been told by many) but people are tight with the money when it comes to the music... I have made a little, but not as much as I would have liked too
blogging is a good past time..
While not terribly original, I will say programming. Recently started doing programming at work, and loved it. There were some days where what I was doing at work, and what I was doing at home in my free time, where very very similar. As in, I'd learn something at work one day, and then I'd use it at home. Or I'd learn something at home one day and I'd use it at work.
I trade currencies and commodities and manage to make some extra money from doing so. I'm a technical trader exclusively so I find most of my enjoyment from reading and analyzing financial charts and looking for price action setups. Its been a long and arduous journey, probably the most difficult thing I've ever attempted, but things really started turning around for me for the better after 2 years of so of doing this (I've been at it for 3). Looking forward to doing this the rest of my life!!!
I am really happy to see some one earning through hobby. A nice start up would be one which can start commercialising the work of hobbyists. How can the hobbyists be contacted? Any ideas on these things?

I believe that making money from your hobby must be a dream carreer, as long as you don't work so hard that your hobby turns into a boring thing.

My hobbys are computer programming and music (especially playing the piano), and I will probably be working with one of those as my job career. Currently I am being educated in music, but thing might change.
I have taken teaching as a hobby. I enjoy teaching students, I take home tution for near by students.
now this is what i am talking about. making some extra money whilst enjoying yourself. its simply awesome. i know quite a few people who have made tons of money out of thier hobbies. doing something you love and being paid for it. its priceless. i am very fast in typing. people give me thier materials to type for them and i get paid for that. meanwhile i just enjoy typing away. thats one of my hobbies. i love singing and it seems like its also going to pay off in the near future yet this is something i do for fun. just worshiping my God through songs of praise is now going to pay off. i get two wonderful things. i get to enjoy singing and praising God and making money for other projects i would like to commence for GOD. isn't live good! LG.
I collect paper money from all over the world,and from an innocent hobby at the begining,it has become a small business....the only difference between my day job,and this,is that that i love this more and more each day...
and ,yes,i can make a living out of it....
...but not only that is important....i've had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world,and also,make friends all over the world...and that is what i consider to be the biggest accomplishment from my hobby....
By the soon as i will make a new webpage,i will add few Krause Catalogs for download,for free,of course...
my hobby is collecting muscle cars.....we restored it and wheter finished or unfinished, buyers will come all the way and i am earning lots of money...
Well There are few ways for me to make money from my hobbies. I collect old stamps and coins but I dont sell them though I can. Also I have expensive fish like Dicus fish which has a high demand if you can breed. But one way I earn money from my hobbies is writing about them. I write a blogger blog about my camera and photography now it had started picking up few sales here and there in Amazon.
I make a fair amount from web designing, a it's my favorite hobby <3
Also with the web designing. Or programming more generally as well.

I have some days in the holidays lately where I would go to work, and then come home, and be doing almost exactly the same thing when I was getting paid and when I was just having fun. It was, and still is, great.

Yes, the difference is when you have to do it at a faster pace for work. But that's cool sometimes. Makes you produce more in a shorter time, which can be good.
Every hobby can create money for you.
photography....still waiting for it to take off
Well I have lots of hobby that I can use to make money for. I love computers, I can build them and fix them. Which in the job world is an ever growing career, and you can earn about $100,000 a year from, which isn't bad at all. I Think as long as you enjoy that hobby enough, you might actually be able to make money from it.
If any of you have seen my fire alarm topic.

You may think fire alarms are just about strobes and sounds, but it's a lot more than that. I have learned about basic and complex circuits since I have started this hobby. I know a lot more about electronics than ever before I became interested. Building circuits, controllers, and other electronic parts for people? Earns you $$$

As for alarms? Fire alarm techs make a good amount of cash. I'm so going to be working with this stuff when I'm older. nuff said.
Make sense to me that if a person is keenly interested in something they can do well with it. Making money though I always thought as something separate from a hobby but that may not be true. All my hobbies ended up costing me so perhaps it should be reexamined.
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