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Running Graphic / Studio Business

I would like to run business on design studio and pre-press, but i will really need some suggestion on how to start it. I'm still blank on how to setup a system to run it, as the exprience of mine is only working for someone and not actually involved in the real business itself.

I would really appreciate for anyone who can just spare the idea and suggestion on the above matter

Do you want to make a magazine? Design Logos? Create commercials? I have some experience in print media and video media grahpic design. Please keep posting and I can give you whatever advice I can.

Start by coming up with a specific busines. What are you going to offer? How much? Think along these lines to start with.
What are you specifically looking to do? I may be young but i have business experience. I run a small web design business for myself to make soe extra cash. I could maybe help.
Thanks Vince and Polly-gone for sparing your time to advice me on the design studio.

The job on this studio will be more on the printing side. I plan to run this studio for printing busniess card, catalog, brochures and so on. The clients will probably from restaurant ( If they need menu or catalog or brochure to print) up to department store. Probably the best question on the current state is, how will I start it as I'm blank in term of running business. What sort of first step that I have to do?

What I thought before was doing costing as this will affect the way I promote the business itself as well as finding clients ( Probably I'm at the reversed order as most of business will be berave if they have fixed clients)... that's why, I'm stucked in this inital state

Any suggestion will be much appreciated
First, Create a business plan. There are many websites and books about this topic.

Second, get experience if you don't already have it.

Third, YOu need to get startup money. I business like this probably takes lots of it.

Fourth, Follow through on the business plan (buy equipment, advertise, etc.)

If you need any advice on how to do this stuff (the business part of it) PM me. I have some experience in this. And i'm bored. Very, Very, Bored.

P.S. If you are overloaded with work and have any SMALL graphic or anything that need designed, give me a call Smile
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