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Aus Open: Federer vs Roddick

Did anyone catch this killer match? Sorry to any Roddick fans, but he got his ass absolutely handed to him! I didn't even see the whole match, but Federer was just playing at a whole other level that Roddick couldn't possibly keep up to.

I feel bad for Roddick though - he's not a bad guy. I would've liked to see Haas or Hewitt get beat like that. Roddick didn't really deserve it (but it was still amazing to watch).

Federer really is at his own level.
I don't like Roddick that much but even I felt soooooooo sorry for him during this match. Nothing, absolutely nothing, was going right for him. I mean, Federer is really a great player, but Roddick's game was really off in this match. He had so many unforced errors, his strategy was all wrong, he was just totally all over the place.

I'm all for a Federer v. Gonzales final! Smile
Poor andy. Yes, his posterior was most definitely dispatched to him in amazing fashion! 6-0! I didn't think that score even existed anymore! especially in the semis! I only saw the highlights and trust me that was all I needed to see. Train-wrecks are never fun to watch. Well, unless if Michael Jackson is the featured star! That was a total melt-down! I hope Roger plays that well against Gonzalez!
Well.. Federer kicked his ass (Roddick), he won him very easy 6-4 , 6-0, 6-2.
The joke is that Roddick said in the start of the year that he feels he can beat Federer .

I expect to see what will Gonzalez can make against Federer.
OMG Fed owned roddick... it was really sad... poor andy
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