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Healthy microwave meals?

Hello everyone!

I am writing this post in hopes that somebody can help me out with my college diet. You see, I have now dropped my meal plan for this second semester. Since I did, I have found that my diet is nothing to be proud of.

What would be some good ideas for meals that I can prepare in the microwave. I was thinking of soup or mac and cheese, but both of these choices are high in sodium. I have considered other choices, but it is just very difficult with only a microwave to work with.

Can anybody help me think of some great microwave meals that not only taste good, but are healthy at the same time? Thank you for your time!

Well, Cheese is high in fat just thought i'd say that. Other things like Pasta which can be microwaved Smile Pasta is high in carbohydrate so be careful of how much you eat. It can take a while to find out what suits you best. You could also try the cereal for 2 weeks diet many have said it works, You have cereal for breakfast, lunch and supper. Using semi-skimmed (half fat) milk. I hope i have given you some ideas Smile.
I also dropped my meal plan last year. As far as microwaving goes, the only things other than microwaved meals I prepared in it were oatmeal and leftovers. Generally, anything you buy that's prepared is pretty much junk food.

I still haven't quite figured out a good diet because all I have to work with is a microwave, too. Microwave meals didn't work for me, I didn't get enough nutrients and ended up getting really sick right before an exam (yay for blacking out and spending a day vomitting!). So.. I wouldn't suggest microwaved meals every day. I eat out a lot now, but it isn't that much better. I'd suggest going shopping at least every other week, for bread, cereal, milk, and fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also try rice and other stuff in a rice cooker (these are inexpensive and most dorms will let you have them because it doesn't contain an open heat source), which is what I usually eat. You can also bum off someone with a kitchen. Wink
... healthy microwave food is a bit of an oxymoron.. haha.
your best bet would be to use wholegrain pasta & stir through a tomato- based sauce with some kind of protein in it such as lean mince, then have a side of vegies or salad.
oh, something I know stuff about (used to work as a life guard on a water palace, and as a fitness instructor)...

Ok, if you are gonna micro anything "close to a real meal" use vegeterian stuff, it's alot more healthy. Espeically vegeterian meatballs ans sausages.. better for ur body and health.. but that's it, other things to microwave is soup.. tomato soup and stuff.. however, keep away from potato soup and stiff that containts carbs..

Other then that, I'll say, try to stay away from the coocked food if possible, since I doubt you will prepear a steak and then microwave it..

And vegtables aint any tasty if u micro them.. stay away from bread aswell.. and try to eat porridge, that's easy to fix in 1minute in the micro.. and healthy too Smile
The healthiest type of microwaveable foods are the ones where you make food from fresh vegetables and scratch ingredients and them freeze them.

Sure you have some Healthy Choice microwaveable dinners, however even those can contain fairly high sodium levels and other preservatives to try and keep them fresh.
I have an occasional lifesaver called The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Microwave Cookbook, it's got over 500 recipes for real food, and tells you calories per serving too. My mom gave it to me at some point after I moved out of her house. You can probably find a used copy at Amazon or Ebay.

And of course, if you're poor, you can always go the route of buying inexpensive frozen entrees and have some steamed veggies and/or a nice salad on the side. I eat as much fresh food as possible, but I still like to keep a few frozen entrees and bags of frozen vegetables around for those nights when I don't have time and/or energy to really cook. (I never get frozen "dinners", they never have enough vegetables.)

Frozen entrees are not the healthiest way to eat, but if you have veggies and salad on the side to balance the meal and help you get full, they're a darn sight better for you than pizza, fried chicken, burgers, french fries, Chinese take-out, etc. etc. Just stay away from any frozen food that has an alleged cream sauce, like Swedish meatballs or stroganoff, because the sauce is always bland, pasty and yucky and usually high in fat.
You could steam vegetables in your microwave.

Get a glass bowl (One that comes with a lid), put some vegetables in it, put a small bit of water in it (Don't inundate the vegetables, but have a reasonable amount) and you should be able to steam fresh vegetables in your microwave (But remember to have the lid on the container, or it won't work.)

This works for stuff like Carrots, Cauliflower, Broccoli, etc. and is quite healthy!

I mean, I'm sure you would be able to have a glass bowl, a chopping board and a cutting knife Smile
Hi guys!

I just thought I would give you an update on the microwave meals mayhem (haha).

As of now, I am currently living off of hamburger helper meals that conveniently heat up in the microwave. I try to balance this mundane diet with things like oranges, cereal, and so on. I also drink a lot of tea.

I still have yet to try the steamed vegetable route, but I probably will at some point in time. Currently, though, the school year is only two weeks away from being over. To that end, I may need to wait until next year to do some experimenting!

I was browsing through the forums and saw this thread again, so I guess I'll do an update as well. I've found that pasta cooks really well in the microwave. I usually stick them in for about 25 minutes (it takes about 8 minutes for me for a bowl of water to boil). They're pretty good when cooked with smoked sausages (and have spices and other stuff added to them). I've tried baking potatoes, but they still had a raw taste. I might have not cooked them enough though.

I've finally given in and started using a real kitchen to cook my food, for the most part. Confused
I'm just curious if I need a special microwave bowl to do some of the cooking mentioned. I've been using plastic bowls, but when they get really hot from the boiling substances they tend to warp. I don't think this is the healthiest idea, so I'm wondering what kind of a setup to buy. Thanks!

rainmaker wrote:
I'm just curious if I need a special microwave bowl to do some of the cooking mentioned. I've been using plastic bowls, but when they get really hot from the boiling substances they tend to warp. I don't think this is the healthiest idea, so I'm wondering what kind of a setup to buy. Thanks!


Glass and ceramic cooking dishes are the most versatile, because they can also be used in a conventional oven later on when you have one available.

You can also get a lot of plastic cookware specifically made for microwave ovens, like cake pans, muffin pans, roasting pans with racks, and browning dishes with a special insert for browning and crisping things like chicken and pork chops.

I love making cupcakes in the microwave, they're done in 4 minutes and super moist.
Yes, I was thinking of investing in some type of glassware. As I mentioned, though, the school year is almost over. I guess I'll need to wait until next year.

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