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Google Payments

I have a google account. Made .34cent and I was wondering..

If and when I do [hopefully] reach the $100, how do I bank a Google check that is in US$.

My question is how do I change it into GBP£?
Do I have to go to a bank/bureau de change or bank it normally. Im with HSBC and Nationwide.

Any help?
Google will send you the cheque in your local currency at the standard exchange rate.
ravi_9793 will send you a cheque in your local currency.
dont worry about money..think of making 100$.
I am also having a google account but I am also wondering when I will have 100$ in my account.
I'm in the UK and I use Google Adsense.

All you need to do is set up your bank account details with them, you can do this on the Adsense site. They will convert the $ amount in to £'s and deposit it in you bank account. It works a dream, but be warned their conversion rates are below the standard market rates, so you might not get quite as much as you expect. That said, it's wildly out, and nice when you get paid out.

Good luck on reaching the $100. I'm working on doing that a month, not quite there yet!
yeah, the real as* is the conversion rates used by the bank when dealing with adsense payment on your local currency. Banks tent to be greedy sometime.... or always? Shocked
You can save the banking fees for a check if you do a wire transfer with google. works perfectly with me
Unfortunately, wire transfer is not available currently for my country.
google conversion rate is much better than Paypal's rate.
for me i get R1.50 less for a dollar in PayPal and Google does a fair job in conversion
I saw in adsense demo, there is an option to enter bank account. But when i log in into my account, i can only see options for check only.

Is the bank option only for US customer?
noorazman wrote:
Is the bank option only for US customer?

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) is only available to the following countries:

Google Adsense Policies wrote:
Australia - Australian Dollar

Austria - Euro

Belgium - Euro

Canada - Canadian Dollar

Czech Republic - Koruna

Denmark - Krone

Finland - Euro

France - Euro

Germany - Euro

Ireland - Euro

Israel - Shekel

Italy - Euro

Japan - Yen

Netherlands - Euro

New Zealand - New Zealand Dollar

Norway - Krone

Poland - Zloty

Portugal - Euro

Slovakia - Koruna

Spain - Euro

Sweden - Krona

Switzerland - Franc

Turkey - Lira

United States - United States Dollar

United Kingdom - British Pound

If you don't live in one of the above countries, cheque payments are the only option.
Depends of the Country, but when you will get the check from google, the bank either will give you USD dollars or exchange the USD dollars in the country moned so, dont worry about it.
When my first 100 dollars arived in my Country, they exchanged the dollars in Romanian Money ( Leu ) and from 100 Dollars I get 300 Lei new equivalent of 3 milions lei old, in my country Laughing 3 milions lei old is like a mounthly sallary!
Google will send you the cheque in your local currency at the standard exchange rate.

I think you have to opt in for that because I was receiving Google cheques in US funds for over a year and a half until I finally switched to wired funds.

Actually since I live in Canada, I kind of enjoyed receiving cheques in US funds because after converting it to Canadian funds, I got more money... Very Happy (of course it all depended on the conversion rate on the day I cashed my cheque... but still...)
hey littlegiant

do they really send it in americain cause im in canada too
that would be kind of neat to get more money than expected
if so im surprised that a company as big as google would hand out free money just because its not worth the work to fix it. It sort of gives them a bad name.
so you can either get a wire transfer from google, they put it in your bank, or they can send it to your address right????
uhhh... (*chuckle*)... It's not 'free' money in any way shape or form. It's just simply more than the American equivalent as long as our dollar remains lower than theirs. Right now however, our dollar is pretty high so you don't really get as big as 'bonus' as you used to on this deal.
you have to unblock your payment to get the check...
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