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American Psycho: What's Up With The Calling Cards?

I just saw American Psycho, the one where Christian Bale stars. I can't understand the matter about the calling cards. What is so significant about having nice looking cards, or cards that look better than what ones colleagues have? Is the calling card a metaphor?
I believe it was his way to make himself bigger. More important and prominent than anyone else.

The old classic "my car is better than yours" kinda thing.

Bateman is a person who is clearly obsessed, with trying to be the greatest at everything, having the biggest and most expensive apartment, the better business card, better suit, haircut, body, etc.
it also shows how truly neurotic he is that he would notice and scrutinize such minute details in the business cards and place so much emphasis on its selfworth.
also if you read the book, its even more apparent as he scrutinizes clothing down to each label and cufflink. holding value to these superficial materialistic things, causing him great anxiety.
... and probably that was hype in the 80's, between the yuppies. Probably.
It's also highly ironic. Notice that while each is trying to outdo the other, they are essentially the same card (ecru, eggshell, et al, all being different name for the same basic colour.) This was, in my opinion, one of the more telling scenes in the flick.
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