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Wordpress 2.1 "Ella" Upgrading

Is it worth the hassel of Upgrading wordpress every time an update comes?
It seems like quite a hassel to Upgrade.

Also I stopped once I read:
"WordPress Version 2.1 requires PHP version 4.2 or greater, and MySQL version 4.0 or greater! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UPGRADE"

Is this compatible with frih sever or not??

Please help

It seems like I have got my answer!


Like I always say "If it ant broken,don't fix it!"
You can always check what is supported in your control panel. Saying that, i would recommend that anyone who wants to try "Ella", to read up on the differences between the 2.0 and 2.1 branches. This is not an incremental security release. Its a substantial feature release, with a different way of doing things. I can vouch that its comatible with the frihost server, but I can't speak for the frih server. I am sure that they are both up to date. I've been using 2.1 on frihost since alpha3 (about 3 months) and I can say that its compatible with the server. But, the structure of how things are found or represented is different, so read the warnings before "upgrading" and backup your database first. This is very important, as 2.1 changes your database tables in a way that there's no way back. You might remember not so long ago with the upgrade from 1.5 to 2.0, it was the same thing - live with your choice or do not upgrade.

There's no pressing need to upgrade, as there will be security fixes for the 2.0 branch for a long time to come (2.0.8 is in the works right now). If you want the new features, then upgrading is ok. Email me if you need help.
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