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Gray Hair

How many of you have gray hair?

I started seeing stray strands of gray hair when I was in college, but it was only in the past few years that they got more abundant. Still have a head of black hair, but if you look closely, you'll see strands of gray here and there. I'm now in my mid-30's.

Question: How do you prevent hair from turning gray? I know it boils down to genetics and stuff, but I've heard that diet can play a part too.

Any ideas?
Well, it's going to happen eventually, and this isn't coming from personal experience (I'm 14 Razz), but with my parents' issues with graying hair, they dye it now (it started in their mid thirties, now they're in their mid forties) , but they've noticed more and more gray hairs when they're working on big projects and working at home too, instead of taking time to relax. So it boils down to try not to overwork yourself, and at home dye jobs work nicely to cover grays. Razz
Question: How do you prevent hair from turning gray? I know it boils down to genetics and stuff, but I've heard that diet can play a part too.

Grey hairs have multiple causes. Stress is one of them (it can age you), whereas certain medical conditions (eg. vitiligo) can also cause loss of hair colour, as well as skin pigmentation. Old age likewise has the effect of greying hair.

Apart from dye to cover greys, I've heard that certain minerals in your diet (copper being one of them) helps to retain the pigmentation. Also, a healthy amount of exposure to the sun helps to promote melanin production.
Question: How do you prevent hair from turning gray? I know it boils down to genetics and stuff, but I've heard that diet can play a part too.

I wouldn't recommend to follow a diet because of gray hair. because as for any diet if you do it "too well" you may generate other problems because of this diet and it may be a bigger problem than just grey hair.

So if stress affects it, just enjoy your life and don't be over stressed, and don't worrry about grey hair (so already one thing less to stress about), it's natural and it can look nice as well.
Can graying be reversed?

I noticed that there are perios when I have more gray hair than at other times.

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i haven t got gray hair but in a few years noooooooo^^
I hate gray hair!!
I have a few that appear in my beard as it grows........none on the old noggin yet though , but my eyebrows are getting lighter in colour Laughing
Gray can be prevented (short term solution) by having it painted I guess. Don't see any other option. I am 33 right now and I have them gray hairs on the side. But the girls I know say it looks interesting. Kind of a Mel Gibson, sexy kind of thing. I complain a little, but no one ever told me it looked bad, although I tried to offer having my hair painted, everyone said no. And ok, it is not that bad. It is not all gray or something. Laughing
Captain Fertile
Yep I have grey hair at the sides of my head. If I trim the sides enough it helps it look darker somehow but other than that I don't do anything.

A wear my grey hair as a badge of honour, I have earned each and every one of them. They were given to me by my wife, my kids and every boss I have ever worked for. Razz
Yep - I have a few greys... guess most people do after 25. [I am 27] They are not an issue, going bald, now that's a little worse! I was doing fine until i decided to peroxide my hair without a cap. My scalp started buring and afterwards I noticed my hair was deffinately thinner in a certain patch! That was the last peroxide! Smile
Do you think your hair will grow back after the peroxide treatment?

I've always wanted to paint my hair, but the fear of exactly what happened to you has put me off.

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I have greys and proud of it, wear that style with pride baby! You could be bald!
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