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I Need To Replace My Guitar

Would anyone here happen to know of any decent guitars out there that can produce a good metal(preferably Death Metal/Black Metal) sound? An amp with decent distortion would help I suppose as well. I currently use a B.C. Rich Warlock, which sucks. It creates sounds so horrible, that if I were to describe them to you,each and every one of you would flee from this board in horror. Also the bridge pickup doesn't work anymore. So I need to get a decent guitar.
When shopping, look for one with dual humbuckers.
The Ibanez guitars are good for that sort of thing.
The amp you'd want would be a crate amp.
you would want an uber metal distortion for the distortion.
that should work pretty good for you.
Depending on your budget, there are alot of options you have.
I would get something with active humbuckers (if you can, Im not sure how available they are in your area) and a Peavey 5150.

However the B.C Rich Warlock is a cool guitar, and fixing dead pickups is something most local music shops will have no trouble at all doing. Instead of going to the effort of buying a new guitar, why not just replace the pickups and the pots?
The Mitchell
BC Rich lick anuses. they are seriously bad guitars theyre made for children who think that because its pointy its metal. you want tone go for something made with a good solid wood for sustain. hmbuckers in there too. i always stick to my les pauls and sgs for heavy stuff and telecasters for ambient fnness. I know what i like with guitars and i know what i really dislke tho. but anyways that jus y opinion but get rid of the bc rich. im sure there will be a foolish person around somewhere that wil buy it.

amp wise id go straight for valves too. generally marshalls will work well for you but you will sound like every other guitarist in the world that plays a les paul through a marshall. go to the shop man. see wahts in you price range and play. play until you find a comfortable guitar you like and an amp that sounds exactly like wht you wanna sound like then buy. there really is no other way to do it.
BC Rich are pieces of junk. For metal you want dual humbuckers as has already been said and i would recommend looking at jackson guitars. They sound great for metal playing and look amazing too.
Captain Fertile
When you get a guitar let us know and then post on here what you think. I am always interested n how people rate specific guitars, alwways on the look-out for new ones. Smile
How much money can you spend?

I recommend you a Gibson Les Paul or an SG, if you can afford it.

Remember that the amp is the most important:

- With a good peavey 5150 or 6505 you can play with a lot of distortion (and forget the clean)

- If you can buy it, you should try a Framus Cobra... nice clean and crunch and brutal distortion... but well, i think it's too much money...

- Play and play a lot with every amp you can, and decide which likes you most. It's your decision, not ours...
79' Gibson Explorer. Great guitar. Or a Jackson Dinky.

For an amp, a Vetta II stack should do nicely.
The Mitchell
Sickness wrote:
I recommend you a Gibson Les Paul or an SG, if you can afford it.

are you seducing me?

although im not sure how much i agree about the amp thing. tone starts wit the guitar. the body wood comes first for sustain then select your pickups. the main reason a les paul sounds soooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet is because of the shape and heavy wood which the guitar is made of. Also take into account what pedals you will use too. I play bass and guitar and well 90% of my tone comes purely from the colouring that my pedals give to the tone. admitedly when bypassed this isnt much. I like my pedals to sound clean when set to clean but it does still affect the input into your amp. I know a lot of people who use a setup for metal purely of 1 distortion a volume boost and channel select for their amp. remember that with even just a volume boost you can change the sound of your amp completely. For example stick some kind of eq with a boosted top end and a slight volume increase behind a valve amp and immediately when you turn it on it is going to drive the valves harder due to the input gain being higher. Its also going to give a touh more high end so your guitar will cut through the mix that little bit more making it perfect for solos. Play around man. No setup is wrong its just a case of fiddling until you get whats right for you and dont be afraid to try out other peoples ideas for setups. mix and match and you will never end up with the same colouring in tone.

anyways ill stop being a geek now and get back to playing with pedals Very Happy
get something with dual EMG pickups... try a Schecter, ESP, Dean, or Jackson.
perhaps this would do- - a Schecter Hellraiser
Try an Ibanez or an SG. The real LP SGs are pretty durn expensive though, so you might want to stick with Epiphones.
are you seducing me?

Sorry man, but I don't understand you Confused

I've got a '97 SG Standard I wouldn't change it for a Les Paul Mr. Green

And I think having a good amp is better than having only a good guitar... (see my case Rolling Eyes Mr. Green)
Theres a lot of good metal guitars out there: ESP, Jackson to name a few. If you want a good jackson you are going to pay a little more than for almost just as good ESP.
A lot of metal guitarist like an EMG 81 humbucker in the bridge position and an EMG 60 humbucker in neck position.

Theres also a lot of good amps out there. Ive heard that ENGL should have made some not too expensive and still extremely good valve/tube amplifiers. Of course theres also some high end brands like mesa boogie that should be able to give you some death metal distortion.
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