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Beyond Good and Evil

This is a great game by ubisoft that didn't do too well for some reason. But it's the best action adventire game that I've played. It has stellar gameplay and extremely new concepts in the game. I wanna know if anyone else has played this game.
Played it and loved it, really good story. Normaly i always play with the english voices etc but not this time the really did it wel in dutch to.
yeah. it has support for dutch too. I played it in english. Some of the best voice acting that I've seen in quite a while.
It is a damn cool game, and if I remember correctly, you(the player) is a reporter and you need to take snapshots of different kinds of mysterious stuff that you encounter right?
I played this game awhile it ago. First non-mmorpg I played on my computer and I really enjoyed it.
Yes! I played the demo a long time ago. I loved the graphics(for the time) and i especially loved the bullet-time battles and the awesome terrain/world. It also had a decent story line. Great game!
Necromancy time! *flashy casting animation*

I recently picked up Beyond Good & Evil (for PC), and I really don't think this game deserves the attention it often gets for being underrated on its release. Here's a copy/paste of the review I posted on

Beyond Good & Evil plays as a mix of genres, seamlessly woven together in a surprisingly self-serious and endearing world. There are stealth sections, boss fights, races, collectables, escape sequences, environmental puzzles, mini-games and more, all accessible and good fun. The difficulty is low enough to avoid any frustration regardless of your preferences. The graphics are expressive and the sound all up to scratch.

Unfortunately, the result of this design is that all of game elements lack depth. BG&E comes with nice packaging, but there's nothing in it that the average gamer won't have seen done before and done better elsewhere. The short length of the game (~12 hours for 100% completion) isn't especially satisfying. The PC port was particularly lazy - keyboard/mouse controls are awkwardly patched over the gamepad design yet a gamepad is not supported, and the partially-automatic camera tends to spaz out in the middle of combat or stealth.

For new gamers, BG&E provides a wide range of 'tasters' in a well designed environment. For old gamers, it's a nice break from heavier gamers but the very definition of skippable.
12 hours is a serious time investment and nothing I'd call short by any stretch of the word.

I tried out Beyond Good & Evil because I was told (by many) that it was a prime example of good storytelling and characters in video games. Perhaps it's good by video game standards, but definitely not by any other standards. Sometimes I don't get gamers. They keep going on about thematic contents of certain games but do they actually want that?
catscratches wrote:
12 hours is a serious time investment and nothing I'd call short by any stretch of the word.

That's 12 hours for finishing every optional challenge and collecting literally everything; it would probably take no more than 8 just to win the game and there's no multiplayer, difficulty levels, choices, or any other real reason to replay it. The design of the game (ie. a mix of many genres) also means that you won't spend any more than an hour or two mastering each component. The game even misleads you as to its length - 88 pearls might seem like a lot to collect until you start getting 5 or more dumped on you at once, and the final area of the game is much emptier than the first few.

For a regular gamer, that's not very fulfilling.
I'm inclined to agree. I played it and enjoyed it, but that's it. I'll never understand the massive fan following it has, because I don't really think there's anything (apart from the music) which is particularly rememberable.

The PC port is also very disappointing. It's exceptionally buggy, to the point of being game-breaking.
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