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Is it time to give up

i think of ritting a movie about my life story so far life has dealt me many painful blows some of which i will never get over i was born with a indeveloped lung and since then i have always been batteling in life through school i was picked on because my name is atilla later in life i kept geting hasseld by police over things i would never do they even tryed to frame me for my best friends murder many more tragic storys in my life have happend heaps of near death expirances and i struggle trying to make a web porthole or site that will make me money as i am unemployed
If you were to make a movie using that story, it would be better to use one event (such as being framed for murder) and have the rest as background.
Good luck, you'll need it.
Just keep postive about things. If it is any help, with in the next few weeks, we will be building more webstores and we would require people to work in them.

We can base it on wear you live like USA, Uk etc and target the products to you.

All we require you is that you monitor the site. Complete what we have left for you in the notes bit and the profit is shared.

If you are interested, check out our website link below. Have a look around and see what you think. We are creating similar stores to that.

For now, if you are interested, create a Affiliate account. You can make money from that for now. We will contact you when we have more stores up and running.

Does that seem fair?

Keep the faith...

Sometimes things are hard to realize... but the final result is the most important thing!

Good luck!
I was once told, you are never given in life more than you can handle. So from that, if you are given really tough things to deal with in life, they were put there because you can handle the tough decisions, and they will make you stronger when you get through them in the end. Life happens no matter what you do. 10% of life is what happens to you, the other 90% is how you deal with it, and you need to be able to deal with your situations positively, with a healthy body and mind.
@fredbent - bad things happen to everyone and I should know since they seem to be looking for me but even if just in a small percentage, our destiny is in our hands and working hard enough everyone can eventually find a way out.

here's what helps me when it all seems to go to crap.. my grandpa said this to me just before he passed "when destiny closes a door in ur nose it will probably open at least a window so its up to you to climb out of it"
Id go with ocalhoun and make one of the very major things in your life the focus, and have the rest as an off story to show people how unfortunate you have been up to the main part.

And i believe Jose's Nonna from the book 'Looking for Alibrandi' believes "The more you suffer on earth the better the reward is in heaven."

Thats if you believe in that kind of stuff (which personally dont)

Good luck!
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