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Gundam Wing

Gundam Wing takes place in the A.C. (After Colony) timeline of the Gundam franchise. People are starting to live in space colonies because there is not enough room on Earth for people to live. The Earth Federation rules the space colonies, and the colonies want freedom, so five scientists train five different mobile suit pilots and give them each an advanced mobile suit, known as Gundams. These five mobile suit pilots all go down to Earth, and work as a team to achieve independence from Earth.
The characters were well-developed in the anime. You get to know the ideals, goals, and personality of each of the five Gundam pilots, as well as the villains. However, it tells you little background information about the characters in the anime (background info is found in the manga, Gundam Wing: Episode Zero).
This is a really good anime to watch. It is truly a must-watch Gundam series, and you won't be disappointed if you decide to watch this.
Gundam Wing WAS a good show, then it got boring. The manga is plain
Not to mention all of the kinds of versions of Gundam Wing it gets confusing telling which one is which. I like the construction kits they sell or what ever they're called. So, overall Gundam Wing is great and all, but gets boring really fast...well to me.
Gundam wing is probably one of my favourite gundam series. It has a good story and I liked zero, thought that was pretty cool. The new hype is Gundam seed now. More newer and better graphics
Gundam Seed, although with better graphic, but the story is still the same. I mean for gundam seed and seed destiny.

Gundam wing at least have their own original storyline, and it is quite attractive. I like the "deathgod" gundam the most! Very Happy
I'd have to say that I enjoyed Gundam Wing much more than Gundam Seed/ And Seed Destiny. Destiny has a way to sappy plot, while wing has amazing characters such as Hiro Yui( I think that's correct). Also the Gundams in Wing are so amazing such as Death Syth Custom and Wing Custom Zero and even Sand-Rock is kind of cool.
If anyone had to choose between the two I'd go for Wing by a long shot, Seed doesn't even come close to the greatness that is Wing.
I don't know why, but I've never taken a liking to Gundam Wing. Be it that the characters are like cut-out boys, people with no depth, what I probably can't stand is that Gundam Wing is tremendously overrated. It's not anything I can totally place a finger on, but I'm inclined to disfavor it.
For those of us born/living in the 90s Gundam Wing was our first gundam. Well it was for me anyway Very Happy. I remember it as the greatest of the Gundam series, although I admit my nostalgia biases me. I do nonetheless recommend it to any fan of the mecha genre. The 50 episode boxset should be available on amazon.
I prefer G Gundam over all Gundams. I did like GW better than GS. Mecha has never been my favorite.
Gundam wing was one of the first anime i saw.
It is still one of my favorite, even if it's old.
the manga isn't good at all but i like the characters: I'm a fan of Shinigani.
Those who said that the characters are empty don't know them: quatre is a warrior afraid of war, shinigani is a death master but is destroyed by the loss of his friends, heero is a robot learning to become human , wufei has to discover friendship and trowa, the silencer must learn how to feel.
the only error in this anime is Relena....
Gundam Wing was yes, for those of us born to live in the 90s the first gundam series we saw. Now Gundam Wing...had one of the best storylines to me an anime period has to date. It had me hooked until the last episode in which I threw a tantrum because they weren't continuiing. Actually the movie Endless Waltz which was really basicall the finally to Gundam Wing had me crying twice. Once when Quatre got stabbed with the sword and he was just floating there and at the very end parts and the credits. Yes, I was 6-8 at the time. Smile And watching anime.
lol I have to admit that I have forgotten the ending of Gundam Wing, but ya, as mentioned by Seiji in a few post ago, G Gundam is a cool anime too. It isn't about just fighting between MS, but the MS itself has life in them as well. Awesome! Very Happy
Gundam Wing was the first anime I really got into and is, to this day, one of my favourites, right up there with Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, and Studio Ghibli.

The characters were fascinating, the plot was a great combination of emotional and political, and even the "bad guys" weren't actually really bad. It showed the grey areas of everything really well; there really wasn't anything that was black or white.

And into that battles in space and on land with giant mechanical fighting robots piloted by somewhat unstable and hormonal teenage boys, and one really can't lose. XD
Gundam Wing still remains as my favorite gundam series. I haven't watched all yet, But so far, it's my favorite.
From what I saw in, gundam wing is still a major anime serie for the fans. Even if I haven't seen all the serie, Gundam wing is still a reference for me. I haven't seen Gundam seed yet, it may be better, but I'll always have a preference for shinigani and his friends.
I have finished at least 3 Gundam series.... but Gundam Wing is the one I love most for its intricate plot and history. Very Happy
Gundam Wing was my favorite show for the longest time. I would devote whole afternoons getting prepared so that I wouldn't have to miss the next day's episode. Pure anime genius. Want to read the manga, too, but can't find any traces of internet scans.
Its a good show aldo i have to admit i like gundam seed better but maybe thats just because it was my first gundam show ever
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