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Customize phpBB.

I would like to Customize phpBB. Where do I start to learn how to customize phpBB..

Cheers Possum
Possum wrote:
I would like to Customize phpBB. Where do I start to learn how to customize phpBB..

Cheers Possum

The best thing to do is spend time just looking at the code. If your a beginner then start with something simple such as the template (like how to edit the css file, how to change the header, the layout, etc). Next, you should probably learn about switches, and language variables. All of this however depends on how you want to customize it.

What exactly do you want to do?
The best place to start customizing PHPBB is over at the PHPBB forums.
phpBBHacks has a lot of modifications for the forum. Everything from bbCode to adding entire new sections. It's a great site for custumizing the performance of the forum.

phpBBStyles has a lot of styles you could look into. Making your own templates is actually pretty easy with basic knowledge of how the template files work. On phpbbhacks there's also tutorials that could help you out with customizing the forum.

Hope this helps some =)
I really recommend not to go to the phpBB and phpBBhacks forums. They think they are above everyone else, so you should only visit the forums when you really need help. Looking at the code will give you a sufficient base to help what you need to do.

The knowledge base is ok:
I have sufficent knowledge with phpbb. If you tell me what you want to do I may be able to sort you out
I believe the idea was for HIM to learn how to costumize phpBB.

already made hacks/mods are good IF you use them to learn how they do it, not just to implement it.

Knowledgebase IS, IMHO, the place to start, with a test forum on your machine.

Be Well Cool
hi shoes22
hope you can help me in this. i am developing a social network application where i want to integrate the phpbb in my application, i want single sign on, mean when someone login to my application, he/she should automatically logged in to phpbb forum engine..
I am new to phpbb, hope to hear from you soon.
raine dragon
This is a pretty old topic, I'm not sure that shoes will see this. ^^;

So, I'm gonna go ahead and answer the question. In the future, it's generally best to make a new topic about your question as opposed to posting in a topic that is over a year old.

If you are using PHPBB3.x, there is an example script here:
chonghua <-- try this site ... they give you the best mods and hacks for phpbb.. enjoy! i have a phpbb2 premodded! Smile
chonghua <-- try this too..

they have the best mods and hacks for you phpbb...
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