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Boot Partition Crash

Tony The Tiger
I last backed up my computer 1/15/07 16:15. My computer hard drive crashed on 1/20. More specifically, after my battery ran out, I was unable to reboot as no boot device was recognized. Dell sent a replacement hard drive on 1/22 that arrived on 1/23. I attempted to restore my backup image to this hard drive but received the same no boot device error. I called Dell and they said my boot partition crashed. I had to reinstall windows before restoring my backup image on the new HD. However, I was wondering if there is a way to use my Norton Ghost 9.0 System Recovery disk to backup the the old HD to my external hard drive somehow. The disk has some sort boot recovery tool. Can I reinstall my boot partition using this and then make a backup of the old HD?
Tony The Tiger
Symantec for Dell Customer Support confirmed that although they no longer support Ghost 9.0, they could tell me that the utility for restoring the boot record will not cure my problem. This leaves me with two possibilities.

1. Can I use my 4 year old Dell Customer Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (including service pack 1) disk to repair my XP installation within the installation procedure. I.E., will the repair installation option repair a boot partition?

2. Is there a way to backup the hard drive without a boot partition using DOS or my Symantec Recovery Disk?
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