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Brian Jacques

Ethan Bradley
Has anyone here ever read a book by Brian Jacques? Or at least when you were younger. I have enjoyed most if not all of his books. His most most popular series is the Redwall series. But recently I have started reading his Flying Dutchmen trilogy. I personally love them. Wink Anyway, what books of his are your favorites, and why are they? As well as what you would like to see him write in the future.

If you're not sure who he is you can visit his site at
You know, I heard the Redwall series was really popular, so I gave the first one a shot and just never got into it. I finished the book, but in the end, I was left wondering why it was such a hit. I wanted to like it as much as everyone else. Since you're a fan of the author, I'd love to hear some of your opinions/point of view on the series. What do you like about it?
I've always wanted to read the whole of the Redwall series but unfortunately my School Library and Local Library don't offer it.

I first read one of them about 2 years ago. At first I found it hard to understand (I later realized I had started reading one of the later books) but when I got into it I found that it was really good. I even skipped all of the scenes that took place at the actual Redwall Abbey. heh. Anyway afterwards I read all of the rest of the books I could get and now I just find myself rereading them again and again.

I think one of the things I love about it is the fact that instead of the redwall dwellers and warriors being human they're all animals and to boot they're not all one type of species. It adds a certain flair and in some cases it changes some of the normal scenarios so that you really get a feel for being an animal. In a way the characters being animals that talk and act human is both the same as a normal book but different enough to be fun.

Oh and I have to remember all the riddles and songs in the books. One of my favourite books is 'The Pearls of Lutra' simply because throughout the books are riddles which I find puzzling, but not so puzzling that I can never find the answer.

The description is something else that draws be back again and again. Especially the fefasts. Reading about it also makes me hungry Laughing .

I can see that i've rambled on for a bit so I think i'll stop now.
But before I do may I ask what the Flying Dutchmen trilogy is about? I've seen the books around but never picked them up and I want to have a read if they're good.
I've read as much of the Redwall series that I could find. They are pretty good stories but I haven't read any of them in a long while.
The Redwall stories were brilliantly written, but I wonder if they are what Jacques believes to be his career? He also is some kind of professor of literature somewhere isn't he?
ddukki wrote:
The Redwall stories were brilliantly written, but I wonder if they are what Jacques believes to be his career? He also is some kind of professor of literature somewhere isn't he?

No, I don't believe so. I think he just writes.
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