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Know Things to Do/See/Enjoy in New York City!?

Next month my entire theatre class is going on a trip to New York City. We have a hotel right in the centre of Manhattan, tickets to some Broadway shows, and otherwise quite a bit of free time (with the odd tour or museum thrown in)

But does anyone know some good things to do, to see, or to enjoy in Manhattan?! I'm open to suggestions!
Ice skating in the famous park Smile can't remember the name of the park but it's big. There's alot to do there like get mugged, shot at, arrested. Laughing just kidding with ya. Just do what you feel like doing. After all the sky is the limit Wink
Thanks, I'm sure I'll be able to google where this place is. Is it in or around Central Park?

Anyway, I'm surprised no one knows anything to do, considering it's such a big place in the US! Does anyone else have any ideas?
There is a ton of stuff you can do, Go to Central Park, take a horse carriage ride, for kicks and giggles you can rise the ssubway.....But seriously, you have Little Italy, Little China, FAO schwartz and right next to that is the iPOD store. St. Patricks cathedral, Madison Square garden....Not to mention all of the restaurants, Mars 2112, Harley Davidson, etc etc....

You can walk down Times Square, from there you can see the TRL studio, and a bunch of other stuff. Try to stay away from the restaurants like TGIF, and Applebee's they will rip you off big time.....You are better off going to Little Italy and eating you get more for your money including the fare for the subway. You can also go see Radio City Music Hall as well as the Intrepid museum that is an Aircraft Carrier....

Any way you cut it, there will be something to do. Just go out the hotel notice what street you are on and start walking, you will find something to do....If you need any help post here I will help ya out.....
Aside from the obvious things to see: Empire State Building, Rockerfeller Center, Central Park, Lincoln Center, Times Square, Greenwich Village, etc. there are a few things you must do in NYC.

EAT PIZZA - a must. NY pizza is the second best pizza in the entire world (Chicago is number 1).

PLAY TIC-TAC-TOE WITH A CHICKEN - go to Chinatown, and there is a market there where you can play tic-tac-toa with a live chicken. The chicken usually wins Laughing

GO TO GROUND ZERO - No matter what you think about politics/war/hate, you must go there and see what it looks like now. Chilling site no matter what.

Quick edit - ride the elevator at the Marriott Marquis in times square. Lots of fun, and free (so long as you don't get kicked out by security).
What I usually do when I arrive at the destination if I don;t know much about the place, and I haven't done much homework before I go. Then I will properly hang around the information centres, have a chat with the staffs there, pick up a map and some info and there I go.
I believe Times Square would be pleasant to see. I think it's in NYC? I'm not sure, but it's where MTV and all that stuff is. I'd like to see it! Plus, I'd just like to go shopping at all the expensive places. Of course, just to look around. Have fun though!
My sibs and I went on a trip to NYC last spring, for only [sadly] six days.

In order to maximize our stay, we would plan our subway route the night before. There is just so much to do and see in NYC: Times Square, St.Patrick's Cathedral, WTC, Empire State Building, Central Park, Broadway, MOMA [watch out for the painting called "OOF", sheer genius], Rockefeller Center, et cetera... Cool

Aside from Pizza, there are a lot of street food [hotdogs, pretzels, gyros, and a bunch of middle-eastern wraps]! Try eating some of those, too, just for the experience!

I enjoyed the subway rides the most--I just loved how diverse the people are [something you don't see in my city Sad]. There's also a lot of opportunity to get awesome pictures. Gosh, I miss NYC.

/EDIT: I just noticed the date that this topic was created: January.. I bet that Dean_the_Great and his class have already gone to NYC, since it's already April... but meh, it's a useful thread anyway.. Laughing
Central Park is great
You also got to go for a hotdog at one of the stands oh but the best thing is the delis and get a huge sandwich and they're usually quite reasonable. Of course if you like shopping Bloomingdales and Macys
I'm sure you enjoyed the trip, but the thing about New York, approaching by car, is it's incredible vastness. That's what I would've recommended, that you land somewhere nearby and drive in. It's just incredible.
to anyone going to NYC, I would say

1. ride the staten island ferry--it's a good free way to see the statue of liberty (and unless it's changed, some of the ferries sell beer in the concessions for cheap!)

2. on a hot day in the summer, try spending a day at the beach on long island. Take the LIRR from Penn station--the Long Beach line goes straight to long beach. Get off the train and follow the people in swim suits to the sand. It costs $10 to get on, but it's totally worth it

3. go to china town and buy purses and sunglasses

4. eat ethnic food. I recommend Mughlai's on the upper west side, somewhere on Columbus ave in the 70's. my favorite indian food restaurant.

5. go to the metropolitan museum of art (the met) and the american museum of natural history. both are "suggested admission"--you can get in for a dollar. but don't pay at one of the electronic kiosks, where you have to pay full price.

6. go see Shakespeare in central park--tickets are free. take a look at the nyc department of parks and recreation website for details

7. walk from manhattan across the brooklyn bridge, but head back before you get too far into brooklyn--it's a long, hot boring walk once you get past the river.

8. visit the main branch of the public library, where they usually have free exhibits

9. row boats in central park. the prices are reasonable, but bring extra cash for the deposit

10. buy a pretzel from a street vendor. ask for mustard on it.

11. the circle line has great boat rides around manhattan--it's pricey, but worth while
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