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Bomb Threat II

I have enough of these nonsense. My school have the second bomb threat this school year. First one, someone probably want 2 extra day off for Thanksgiving, this time, during our last midterm exam day for science...

Can't they really do anything about it? Both times is false threat. I wonder if there will be a third one, will the school take any action to that?

It seems like they really care about it less and less. The first one, we have 1 and 1/2 day off. Today, get out of school 1 hour earlier and still have normal school tomorrow.

Hopefully, the 3rd if there is one, is not real, cause the school will probably just keep us in school and have the police search while we are in it...
lol we'v had a few in my x skool as well
first one was in yr 7 when we first got mobile phones
all we did was prank people
it was so much fun
but anyway bak to the story
my mate was being a dick and he called a bomb thr to the cops i was like wtf so the cops came to the skool and we all went to the oval
iv always wondered if sumone really wanted to blow up a skool wif kids in it wouldnt they just put it on the oval coz thats were they always go lol just kidding lol
anyway they found my mate and he got into deap trouble
good day but got out of doing skool work
so what are u complaing about
there cool
you do nothing all day lol
upestudios wrote:

so what are u complaing about
there cool
you do nothing all day lol

What if it's real? Then "u" will be "complaing". I think you have had too many bomb threats during you english lessons. Razz
Its better to take the safe way, and miss a day of school, besides that, now you have more time to study for your science midterm. Is having more time really that bad of a thing?
I think you have had too many bomb threats during you english lessons.
During YOUR English lessons, not during "you english lessons".

That's really sad, to think people would prank about a bomb threat - it is serious stuff. And who the hell would make a bomb threat to get 2 and a half days off school for Thanksgiving? Would it not cause less trouble to just truant school? I have never had bomb threats at our school, it would be pretty scary if I did.

Its not good that in this day & age of increased terrorist threats people will still instigate false bomb warnings. In the past it was always fire alarms but obviously a bomb threat these days has to be taken seriously. The likelyhood that your school will ignore a bomb threat and leave you sitting in your lessons is zero to be honest as with the current terrorism threat it simply canot be ignored. When i was at school mind i used to love fire evacuations because the lessons never got re settled afterwards lol.
Well, of course they have to treat it as genuine.

But if the perpetrators get caught then they could face criminal charges.
hmm i didn't hear about that one... pretty weird. And that sucks. Well i guess you got out of a midterm. Thats probley why they did it. They wern't ready for the mid tearm. We had midterms this week to btw Very Happy
Around where I live there have been a lot of bomb threats lately, most of them from 6th graders from local schools.
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