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Super Mario Bros Super Show


That's right, everyone's favourite Nintendo Tag Team are now officialy on DVD. Their 2 season jampacked cartoon series was released around the end of December. The Show Origionally aired in 1989 and was shown on most stations that hosted cartoons.

I mostly only saw reruns in 1994-1995. I remember snippets of cartoons, and Mario and Luigi would once in a while come into a basement and have fun. I think it was this show. All I know for sure is, I loved the basement sketch of the walls caving in on them, and, unfortunately, for some reason Lou Albino(or whatever) it still getting teased for this in video game mags, the latest being a wrestling screenshot game with a Lou Albino look-alike and a screenshot from the newest Mario game Super Mario Sunshine, with Mario looking around in Sunglasses and Hawaiin-themed shirt, looking like a scared celebrity with a Lou Albino caption.

I for one can not wait to get a copy of it for myself Smile
Haha I loved those movies Smile

(although they seem INCREDIBLY cheesy now Wink)
Yeah, I got the DVD for Christmas. The show is hilariously bad, and I love it. The rap intro, the live action, the poor, poor production values.

Though I gotta say, the voices were a lot better back then. Mario and Luigi were a lot less generic-Italian, and were more New York City Italian. Which or course makes sense, being as they're from Brooklyn.

It was also nice to see all the plumbing-based weaponry. Where's Mario's plunger now?

And best of all, I love the live-action segment during the Christmas special, where the moral of the story is "don't run away, or your parents will enjoy it too much."

It's a shame they got rid of all the 80's music for the DVDs, though. Still, Mario remixes are always nice.
That show was great! There's actually a video of Mario swearing in one of the episodes (the live action part), but the show is wicked all by itself!

I remember trying to catch it on YTV really late at night (or very early in the morning), just to see a glimpse of Mario, Luigi and the Zelda episode that accompanied the time slot.

Yeah, gotta love SMBSS!
Hmmm. I may have to add this to my netflix.
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