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Any 1 Heard of soldat???

well this game is like worms but u control ur own player going around killing every 1. This is a free multi-player game, but if u pay $9 (theres no point) u are able to do extra stuff. Like getting extra gun and changing flying flame colour. Give it a try
U use mouse to control ur aim and use keyboard to move about. (able to change key settings) Well the graphics are not the best but the game file is about 14mb i think. It is very good and there is always people playing online (able to hold up to 64 player)
yea I know that game I hve it somewhere around here...I just love the flying part and 2d in it^^
Yes I have heard of it. I have played it too! Wink
I don't think it's like worms. in soldat you can move at the same time as others. You can't that in worms. Here you have to have many computers to play with others. you don't need with worms. etc.

More like Liero in my opinion!
I remember I made some maps. That was pretty cool. And the bots Very Happy

I don't play it now but I think it is somewere on the hard drive.
I play Soldat everyday. It's a great game!
I really suggest to try it.
It's a pretty fun game. I used to play it with friends around the computer lab at school. It's fallen out of favor lately though, as we pretty much just play Warcraft 3 whenever we get together anymore.
Yeah, soldat is awesome! kinda like liero, just with "higher" requirements for specs.

With that I mean that a 3/486 could play liero, whilst you need something like a 233MHz to play Soldat.

honestly, I'd forgot about this game, but now that you mention it, I'm gonna go download that sucker, and do some lanplaying Very Happy
Soldat is a pretty kool game, I would say way better than Liero, I mean at least you can use the mouse... But other than that... Liero is kool too.

Anyway, Soldat is awesome, but I got over it pretty quick, there's just not enough to do! Not enough to keep you entertained for ages... It's also a little bit too much like a 2D copy of a game like Counter Strike... only CS is way better... Although I got over that too Rolling Eyes
Yeah I used to play that game about 2 years ago. I never bothered to get the full version of it. I felt it was to much of a time waster for me and I wasn't getting much accomplished playing that game. But its massively addicting and I also recommend trying it out for awhile.
B4_Utopia wrote:
It's also a little bit too much like a 2D copy of a game like Counter Strike... only CS is way better... Although I got over that too Rolling Eyes

I think there's more UT oder qu*ke stuff included than aspects of CS.
If you're looking for some 2d CS-clone, play CS2D Wink
my fryend play soldat... i am not play.
Soldat is a good multiplayer game. It's fun to play with bots too, but playing among your close friends has no equal..
Yes I've heard of it, but not that much people play it so I stopped playing it.
I have wasted so much time on this game it sickens me. When you can use only a knife and win 14 games in a row during the mass deathmatches, you know you need a new hobby.

I don't really have a favorite weapon, I try to bounce back and forth depending on the situation. If there's a big swarm of people flying around during a deathmatch, the knife is an incredibly good weapon. Simply toss it into the face of the nearest opponent, let go of your jets to drop under it and pick it back up, and repeat. You'd be amazed how easy it is to master this technique, and how easily people get pissed off at you for using it...
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