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Sketches and Colored Pieces (Updated 11/16/07)

I don't usually post a lot of my original work online, because as an art student who will be graduating in the near future, I don't want my portfolio pieces floating around the internet for anyone to claim as their own, and I don't like watermarking my art. I could care less who takes my fanart, though, because it's not like it's really my characters. I'm a Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe fangirl, so expect a lot of fanart of my characters (and my friends' characters).

I sketch a lot, so that's most of what I'll be posting here. I also like to colour, even though I don't often have time to finish my non-school art. My prefered media are markers, coloured pencils and vectors.

I don't have all that much in my photobucket account, but I'll upload more later if anyone would care to see more.


I was trying out a new style with this piece. For those unfamiliar with PSO, this character is actually a male (of the FOmar - male human force/spellcaster - class). The only reason I haven't stuck with this style, even though I really like it, is because all of my friends made fun of how I drew the eyes. Crying or Very sad

This I've tried a number of times to colour, but I think it's doomed to stay an unfinished sketch forever. I've tried using Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator and coloured pencils, but it's never come out quite how I imagined it.

A sketch of one of my PSU characters.


Coloured version of my PSU sketch. Coloured Pencil on brown cardstock.

This is one that might actually go in my portfolio, but since it's scanned and a lot of the detail is lost on this small version, I figure I'll post it anyway. Actual size is 14" x 17", marker on bristol board. I do, however, need to go back and fix the colouring on the floor - I finished this the day before it was due at about 1 in the morning, and didn't have time to get a new grey marker before I had to turn it in.


While I don't have any finished vectors uploaded to my account at the moment, I do have one in-progress piece, if anyone would care to see a bit of my vectoring style.

oh Shocked ..

you are really a fantastic artist..

your lines so so GREAT .. i like the sketch of one of your PSU characters specially one with the pencil..

Have A Good Way ... and Have A More fine arts.. Smile
Spifftacular. I love the anatomy, the style and.. just everything xD Great job, can't wait to see more.
They're gorgeous. I love the vector, it's really nicely shaded and clean looking.

Oh and I love the EGL one too.
It's snowing outside, and I've gotten bored of sitting around waiting for it to stop so I can go pick up a couple of things from the store, so I decided to share some more of my older sketches and vectors.

These are all original characters from a story I'm kind of playing with. I poked at it for a while in school, but I've since had to turn my attentions more toward FPS-esque designs, because that's the kind of game engine I have to work with in my classes. Which is very annoying to someone who'd rather design RPGs and action/adventure games. Ah well, what can I do?

A few things to note: While I'm not going to bother explaining the whole story, the world it takes place in is kind of a "what if" world in which the Spaniards failed to conquer Central America and the world ended up with a fusion of both cultures. Most of the costumes at this point are more a reflection of the European side of things, but I'm working on designing them more Central American themed costumes as I find more reliable/accurate references to work from. The characters will have different costumes depending on where they are at the time. I'm also not telling the names of anyone, because people will just yell at me and say they're too long and cumbersome.

Anyway, onto the sketches and things!

I think this is my favourite sketch of this character ever. I drew it randomly in my Storyboarding class about a year and a half or so ago, but I still really like it. I'm disappointed with the color version, though, but here it is anyway:

(Colored pencil on tan cardstock)

Shaded pencil drawing of the same character. I was in my Game Design class when I drew this... My teacher really liked my idea for this (he would insist I continue with my designs for it in all the classes I had with him), so he let me work on it even though it was completely unrelated to what we were doing in class.

These two are demi-goddess figures (Divine Fire and Divine Wind). I want to actually make their costumes so badly! Picture the one on the left is red and gold, and the one on the right in purple and silver. Both would have green accents.

And now, just another sketch to vector set:

And another vector of the same character:

I did eight vectors of him in total (in two weeks, no less. They took 8-12 hours each, and I thought I was going to die near the end, but I had to have the concept work done), for a class in which I then did a 3D model of him. I'm still tweaking it, and I want to go in and texture it with fabric scans at some point.

This was one of the first pieces I did of him after designing that outfit for him. (Colored pencil on blue cardstock)

This is the character that everyone seems to like the most. I am rather fond of his design too. It was inspired by some armor dedicated to the god of death. His sword design was inspired by some other sculpture dedicated to the same god.
Very nice works. I like your style. Vector picrures are great! Twisted Evil

They are fantastic... You have done very well them.. ^^
Great stuff, hope to see more soon.
Awesome work. Those vectors are just spifftacular :3 Hoping to see more, your works are real pleasure to look at. Razz
I'm always surprised when I come here and see such positive feedback... I've always found my art to be rather lacking, personally.

I wanted to say thank you to all of you for cheering me up. Very Happy

I'm working on a few more sketches, another coloured pencil piece, and a painting in Photoshop. If/when I finish any of them, I'll try to remember to post them here.
If/when I finish any of them, I'll try to remember to post them here.

I hope you will not forget about us Wink I'm sure everyone, who posted in this topic want to see more!
I've spent the last couple of weeks working on a few doodles and one really detailed sketch. I've been trying to draw more lately, so I'll have to see if I can't do more that's worth posting in the near future.

I admit that the detailed sketch isn't quite finished yet (I've been fighting with his stupid hand for the last three days, but I can't draw it quite right - so it is nonexistent at the moment), but I had to scan some things for one of my classes, and I figure if I don't scan this now, I probably won't scan it. Embarassed

It's all been drawn freehand, so you'll have to excuse the fence being uneven and stuff - that's the sort of thing I fix when I set about coloring. The problem with it is, once I do finish up the sketch, how do I color it? I really do want to color it, but I can't decide what medium suits it best.

And some random news about the Aztec-y design I was working on: I'm finally able to continue work on it at school, possibly in two of my classes (if I get permission from both teachers to share assets I make between them - but since it's all so detailed, I don't think they'll object). It makes me very happy to finally work on it again.

At any rate, enjoy the new sketch, and here's hoping I'll draw something else that's worth posting in the next week or so. Very Happy
these are so great ... i like pictures with pencil more .. i like them Surprised

you are so skillful ..

the colored ones also have a real soul ..

i Send My Greetings to your Hand ..

it's a treasure Idea
Very nice work:) Just awaiting to see it finished already.
Sad It probably won't be finished for at least six months. I've suddenly found myself with a ton of things to do (two or three costumes to finish by the second weekend in May, insane amounts of homework, and moving), and I'll be lucky to get any time to work on it before June.

I'm attempting to paint it in Photoshop, since one of my future roommates who is really awesome with it has promised to teach me to use it better... So we'll see how that goes. I'll be sure to post it here whenever I get around to finishing it.

Sadly, I won't be posting any of my recent sketches here for a while, because they're all refined character and environment drawings for two of my classes, and I don't like posting classwork online until the class is over.
oh my God Awsome nice!!!!! LOVE them^^!!!!!!

i draw dragons before bu i quit, bec i have that d... school^^ but awsome drawings!!!!
You truly impress me with your talented work. And you make me feel like start drawing once again.
I love your detailed sketches, the lightness in them, As well as your finished work.
Sorry about OFFtopic but...
WallBase, your signature is so cute Twisted Evil You made this shadow from the feather?
it's amazing i absoluety love it <3
wow i like the way you paint and shade up
I really like the way you draw and it looks really nice when it is colored also.

Your talents will definitely be used when you graduate. Very Happy
Your drawings and paintings a lot effected me , now i want to try to make like your things,what do you recommend me about starting to it as a hobby.
wow, i like the dancing lady

nice motion effect in the swordmans picture
what characters did inspire you&did you play any fighting/RPG/adventure games?
@ ctrlTR:

I'm really not the best at giving advice when people are looking to start drawing. I've tried many times, because a lot of my classmates come to me for help drawing fabrics (or just to check that they draw them right), and I just can't explain how I do things. I guess the only thing I could suggest is look at things around you and use lots of references.

@ wernichtfragt:

What characters and games inspire me? When I first started drawing, I was mainly interested in anime style things like Sailor Moon. Shortly after, I discovered the game Phantasy Star Online, and that's been one of my major stylistic influences. More recently, my artwork and characters have been influenced more by the music that I listen to. Typically, when I get an idea, I find a song that reminds me of that idea, and play it on repeat until I finish the drawing. The dancing girl that you liked... her theme songs were "Broker" by Psycho le Cému, which I listened to while sketching her, and "Märchen" by Klaha, which I listened to while coloring her.

In case anyone was curious, the theme song for the last sketch I posted (the gothic rose garden one) was "Paradise lost" by Kaya.
well i see . you like japanese music
that often goes with manga drawings, doesnt it?
what are you drawing on? what are you using for coloring ? crayons?
I tend to draw on a number of things... My sketches are usually on a heavy weight sketchbook paper, my inked pieces are on 20-50 pound copy paper, and my colored works are either on copy paper or cardstock, depending on the medium I used.

Most of my colored stuff is done with colored pencil or maker (if it's inked, assume marker). I've been doing more with Painter, lately, though... I'm kind of switching over to more predominantly digital coloring.

And yes, I do rather like Japanese music. I do tend to listen to opera a lot, too. I just like things in languages other than English.
you do 3d models as well?
do you want to become a game designer?
are you studying at an art university?
Hey! All that was just too beautiful. Keep it up.
wernichtfragt wrote:
you do 3d models as well?
do you want to become a game designer?
are you studying at an art university?

The answer to all of those is "yes".

I do 3D models, but I won't be posting any of them here. They're for my portfolio only. I do want to become a game designer, but I honestly want to focus more on character devlopment and modeling clothes for characters. And I do attend one branch of an international art school.
Wow extreme, your artisitic skills are extraordinary!, they are top of the range, if you were a artist i would buy your work straight away, whatever the cost
Sorry, I haven't had much time for drawing, but I did manage to do a little sketch:

This is the same character as the last one... I keep designing him new outfits. XD And I'm getting better at drawing hands!

For the curious, the theme song for this one is "exclude" by Moi dix Mois.
I started vectoring "exclude" out of sheer boredom. Not having school for a few weeks leaves me with literally nothing to do, and it's somewhat jarring.

I've got the base colors laid in, and am looking for opinions on what a good background would be.

Here it is with the base colors filled in:

I'm working on adding in the shadows and highlights and details at the moment.
A background idea for that one - maybe a broken-down amusement park? I dunno, I just think it would be interesting.
Nice job on your latest image

For a nice background to it I would say a city background with a street and may be a car.
i just love your drawing =)
you are a student and made such a beautiful pictures, means you have a lot of tallent.

Very Nice Wrt Work
Ghost900 wrote:
Nice job on your latest image

For a nice background to it I would say a city background with a street and may be a car.

Sorry, but that one's a definite no-go - Julien's story takes place back in the mid 1800's, before there were cars (hence his old-fashioned mode of dress). A city might work, but I'm not really sure I like that idea.

Thank you, everyone, for the kind comments. Very Happy
wow! your style is just so.. incredible!

just so amazing.. :O

from now on, you are my favourite drawer in here, frihost forums! Very Happy
Sipe wrote:
wow! your style is just so.. incredible!

just so amazing.. :O

from now on, you are my favourite drawer in here, frihost forums! Very Happy


Many thanks. Maybe I won't be so hard on myself in my Portfolio class now. XD Probably not, but thanks again for your kind words. I could use the self-esteem boost.
I designed a new character... Her name is Emerald, and I play her in an RPG that my friends run. Rather, they decided I was going to play... and forced me to make a character. It's fun though.

WTF !!! Surprised
This is realy, realy very nice Cool

I've never seen this nice stuff bevore Razz
A couple of new WIP pieces. My portfolio teacher has decreed that I must do at least one pencil sketch a day and one ink drawing a week until I finish my portfolio classes, so hopefully I'll be posting artwork more often.

The text on this one reads:
"Release me"
amid this stagnant chaos
and its undulating scarlet wind
i shake off my restraining chains

Random question: if I were to start selling prints of my drawings and sketches, would anyone be interested in buying them?
cool bro, i like your way you draw
that emerald is soo pretty! fabolous hair Wink
hi man.
its fantastic your art.
i like is awasome, still do it.
New drawings! Well, one new drawing and a colored version of an older one. I finished it about a month ago, actually, and forgot to post it.

Colored pencil on brown cardstock, 8x11. I may start selling prints, probably at around $20US a piece, if anyone is interested.

This particular piece let me have fun with Illustrator again. It's for my Team Game Design class, and the original design of the character is © Bryant Johnson (so, not me XD). My team is doing a prototype 2-D fighting game, so we'll see how that goes.

I'm starting to look for a job doing artwork and illustrations, and I may start taking commission work in the near-ish future. Prices may be rather high because of the time I spend on my work (especially colored pencil pieces).
your vectors are nice, and you seem to have a good grasp on hands. i love hands. Very Happy
dangerdog wrote:
your vectors are nice, and you seem to have a good grasp on hands. i love hands. Very Happy

Really? I think I'm terrible with drawing hands. That was my old Portfolio teacher's only complaint about my drawings, that I wasn't strong enough with hands.

While I'm at it, have a few more things.

(Ean almost works! We have almost all of her animations and stuff finished and in-game. w00t!)

Another character for the fighting game. She doesn't have a name yet. Her original design is © Nikki Callahan.

This is my really crappy Illustrator/vector version of Keegan, the other character we're putting in our game for class. His original design is © Heather Steele.

And a sketch of the character I play in my friends' newest RP session. I'm using Julien for it, because I needed a "normal human" character in a hurry, and he's ridiculously fun to play (stuck-up, self-absorbed pretty-boy ftw).
Gagnar The Unruly
Chalchihuitlicue wrote:
dangerdog wrote:
your vectors are nice, and you seem to have a good grasp on hands. i love hands. Very Happy

Really? I think I'm terrible with drawing hands. That was my old Portfolio teacher's only complaint about my drawings, that I wasn't strong enough with hands.

I hate drawing hands, but not more than I hate drawing feet.
wow... that is amazing.
I wouldn't even know where to begin do do anything even close to that.
great job

This took way too long. About a month. Software is Adobe Illustrator.
Wow great drawings ! superb ! If you don't my posy them in Manga artists section in My Manga Anime forum too.

Great work ! keep it up !
Very nice! To be honest, this isn't a style of artwork I typically enjoy, but your linework and use of colour is pretty impressive. Oh, and inspiring... I'm learning how to do nice vector colour jobs, and these have given me some ideas. Thanks for sharing!
woah bro! you got some skillz! nice sketches there. you're really good with your proportions and your also really good at using photoshop =] Keep up the good work!
where do you learn to draw like that

nice verry nice
Your latest additions are great, Emerald is the best one so far for your new additions but the one with the lady and the green ocean are very nice as well.

Keep them coming : ) and thanks for posting them.
Wow. These are awesome. I wish I could draw like that, but I still stick with stickmen Laughing
Great artwork you have there!
Keep it up!

Wish I had your skills
Mrs Lycos
Waaa, I love it ! :O you are prety good ! i liked very much the sketched ones..
The picture that most captivated me was the one with the girl and the boy together Razz.
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