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pimply back - help

Ok, this is kinda embarrasing to talk about, dont know why its such a taboo topic but it is. I know im not the only one out there but ive got a really pimply back and no matter how hard i try to keep it clean etc it stays that way.

No i havent seen anyone about it but thats my next step. I was wondering if any1 here has some advice on how to clear it up. its quite embarssing when im off to the beach, or just have to take my top off at the gym etc.

im average build, no hairs on my back (yet lol) but i do work in it and sit alot of the day - back on a seat is what im thinking but ???

ive also heard that pimples / lumps do form above stressed areas. like tense overused muscles - stiff kneck. is that true?

Try washing your back with this in the shower. I've never tried it but Neutrogena has some really good products for acne.
After seeing a dermatologist you'd prolly get some sort of antibiotic. Tetracycline is widely used and supposedly works like charm. I used it for some time but it had no effect on me Very Happy

You should really watch out for stronger medicines such as Roaccutane. It's normally only given to people with severe acne but dermatologists really don't care. It has side effects such as depression.

I use AC wash nowadays, works perfectly. Cool
it's got a lot to do with your sleeping pattern and your hygiene as well. For me i had a lot of pimples on my back because of dehydration. A lot of heat pimples.

I try not to use facial or acne products until i'm certain that the cause is not my own doing. Like for my face ,i had severe case of pimples because i was a heavy smoker. After cutting down & eating properly, sleeping early it way better. Planning to quit now. The benefits of not smoking outweigh the pleasure in fagging.
it's got a lot to do with your sleeping pattern and your hygiene as well.

trully, tyrant??? i got lots of pimples in my back and i always wondered why they didnt grow on my face... i got no problem with my hygiene as far as i know but what to do when sleeping? stand up? Shocked
Considering that most people only change their sheets 2x a month at maximum, the hygiene thing is spot-on.

1.) Wash your sheets and pillow cases at least once a week.
2.) Drink more water
3.) Exfoliate your back, gently.

That should do the trick, at least it did for me.
if none of the tips the people above have posted. You can try naturescure. its a pill you take thats supposed to be all natural and it helps with pimples on the face and on the back. Check your local drug stores for the product and information! Oh another tip is to change your towel on a weekly basis, this goes with your face and body also!
You don't use Steroids, do you? That's a common source for pimply backs. Or at least you could start since you already have one of the side effects.
Drink lots of water, eat lots of fruit and just try to be as healthy as possible. Always helps, not just with pimples, with everything.

Get lots of sleep and yes, change your sheets lots (I know it's a bitch, but hey, it'll help). Also keeping your hair off your back, especially in hot weather, helps heaps.
one time my friend was mentioning that to me when we were in myrtle beach. anyway, she had this stuff for in the shower and it was like orange, she said you just use it when you take a shower. she said it worked also, but i never tried it. i don't remember what it was called, but maybe you should try looking for it in a store, maybe i will look up on it! i hope i helped.
After you take a shower/bath do you dry your back specifically or do you leave your back generally wet. If you do, try drying your back with a soft towel. Pimples should diminish within days. If this doesn’t work go see a dermo – and get the anti-biotics, ruacutane etc. etc.
I also have a pimply back. I hate it. Its embarressing getting changed for P.E class. Plus I have pimples on my chest and neck. Sometimes they fade away and clears up for a while but then they come back? I dont know how to get rid of them. I have actually tried nothing yet but I will take some tips from you guys. Thanks.
I seem to have a "T-zone" of oily skin on my back, and get occasional back pimples, too. I bought a back brush to use in the shower, and now it's pretty rare that I get one.
kevin briggs
I would agree with whoever wrote this also, that sunlight really does help clear up your acne A LOT!! I used to have a lot of acne, but now that it is summer, I have gone outside a lot, and my face has totally cleared up! It is wonderful! Hope this advice helps you!!!
hopefully this should work for your back as well.
Sunlight? I can't imagine why. Perhaps I'll move my computer outside. Razz

I second Neutrogena Body Wash. It works.
Maybe it's another androgen problem. if you're a female you may want to take estrogen pills
you can inherit this from parents n stuff aswell.. I had alot, and I mean it, alot.. got it from my father, he got it from our grandfather etc.. had nothing to do with sleeping, dehydration or eathing fat food etc..

I got alot of scars on my back now after this.. broke all the time, showering, sleeping, blood on all my sheets, couldnt dry my back with a towel, had to air dry etc..

anyways, I had antibiotica first, to stop them from comming, and stop the infections that is when you got so much as I had.. then I got another medicine, don't remember what it's called.. but it kinda stoped them from comming even more.. so I havnt had a single acne on my back since then (was in 7:th grade) havnt had a single acne anywhere on my body since then.. 7:th grade = 13 years old.. I'm 20 now.. so no acne for 7 years.. and for the rest of my life..

I went to a skin specialist, and she helped me with it.. rly thankful.. ok I couldnt be out in the sun that much, or work out that much, over the treatment.. but that was ok, cause I got rid of my acne..

and those stuff that "clears" ur skin.. aint for hard acne.. it's for the "regular" amoutn.. try visit a skin specialist and you'll be rid of them for forever in just 2 months or somethin..
So did you try drying your back dude, did it work?
kevin briggs wrote:
I would agree with whoever wrote this also, that sunlight really does help clear up your acne A LOT!! I used to have a lot of acne, but now that it is summer, I have gone outside a lot, and my face has totally cleared up! It is wonderful! Hope this advice helps you!!!
hopefully this should work for your back as well.

I have heard this, but have personally never seen results supporting/refuting it, not any medical papers...then again, I haven't really looked.

Personally, I must say that it hasn't worked for me...Zit on the shoulder, and I work as a lifeguard...sprouted up a few nights ago, still ain't gone.

On a personal note, when I sweat, it isn't just sweat...I get, somehow, a thin layer of slime on's obviously from sweat, but why is it so slippery and long-lasting?
Hey sbcompany what are your eating habits? Do you eat alot of junk food or drinks other than water...bad. Also could be a reaction to the washing detergent you use for your clothes. Just some stuff to think about.
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My skin isn't too awful, but the following has worked quite well for me:

Scrub your back in the shower (perhaps with some Clearasil or something) and slather on a benzoyl peroxide based cream. I get 'Panoxyl' (in 2.5%, 5% and 10% varieties) over-the-counter and it works very well for me. It does bleach fabric, though, so make sure that whatever makes contact with your skin is white anyway. The sun also seems to clear things up, as other people have said, although I think it might just be that I take better care of my skin in the summer and it's more exposed to the air.
I have the same problem. My brother had it and he used accutane and he had arthritis and ended up having to use a wheel chair. So is there a less powerful drug to start on?
Back-ne is called pityriasis folliculitis.... it's caused by a fungus.
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