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What awesome TV shows am I missing?


Hi, just wondereded if there were any really good action/adventure/sci-fi/comedy TV shows out there at the moment that have gone undetected on my radar??

Here's a list of my favourites so you can gather a general idea of what I like:

Prison Break
Battlestar Galactica
Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis
Doctor Who
Tru Calling
John Doe
Family Guy

Please don't suggest any medical dramas or reality TV shows, they can piss off, waste of time, effort and money they are.

I dunno I'm getting the feeling I've missed something awesome. I know I need to get Firefly from somewhere, that's one I have missed.

Nice list, a lot on my all time favourites list.

I notice there was no Torchwood... This is the doctor who spin off "for adults" starring John Barrowman as Cptn Jack Harkness.

It was recently shown in the UK, so I don't know how long it'll filter out to the rest of the world.

Also, a great comedy : Two Pints Of Lager (seasons 1 - 6). Classic brit comedy if you're into the "make fun of other people" kind of jokes. (can be mildly offensive if you're not... Very Happy)

And an old one : The old ones are generally the best:

Only Fools and Horses. Classic comedy caper.
i highly recommend veronica mars, (since i see you like smallville). veronoica mars is a teen show she is a modern nancy drew solving mysteries as she works for her father who is a PI. the dialog is sharp and witty and reminds me of the great dialog that was in Buffy. In fact Joss Whedon was a guest star on veronica mars last season! so i can't say enough about this wonderfuly written suspensful funny great show.

Ps they are in season 3 and so I would highly recommend you get or rent the dvds for seasons 1 and 2. esp season 1... it is so great that you will watch 4 -hour long episodes in one sitting.
I forgot to go off about how great Firefly is and how you really really really missed and need to get that one! (but dont feel bad nearly everone missed it when it was on tv, in fact Fox botched it when it was on tv--they showed the episodes all out of order, never aired the 2 hour piot that introduced all the characters, etc). But that show has it all. the great dialog (again Joss Whedon). a wonderful sci- universe, and great great characters. I highly recommend this show, and I would recommend that you watch the tv show before watching the movie.
My suggestion would be "My Name Is Earl". I think it is one of the best shows around. A bit strange, but I like that.

Your hate of reality shows and your liking Scrubs(and a few others) tells me you like shows that actually have real writers on the payroll. Give it a try and let me know if you like it.
I'm very like to watch scifi series, but my country Malaysia can't view live show. so sad...

The show i alway chasing is Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Smallville.
You show watch if you still don't know anything about it.

Stargate is the BEST science fiction awarded movie.
One Word.

LostOverThere wrote:
One Word.


Isn't that 3 words? forty four hundred.

Anyway, I started watching 4400.. but then my cable company completely stopped airing the shows.

I had hoped to buy the DVD but have not got around to it... how many seasons have they done?

My cable company stopped showing it after episode 5. White Light I think it was called.
RT Cunningham
I don't see "Heroes" or "The Dead Zone" on your list. I like both.

I also watch BSG, SG1, Atlantis, and Smallville, but not the rest.
Well i'm glad to see you watch Scrubs. When i saw this topic Scrubs immediately came into my head!
hey try:
Just shoot me

and dude i can't believe my eyes. Friends is not in your list Shocked
ne2 Luka
La femme Nikita (5 seasons), Boston Legal, Kingdom Hospital is not bad, Seinfeld and a few others are not bad, in my opinion.
Captain Fertile
I have never seen 24 yet whenever I see a clip it seems to be something that would interest me. Problem is it is probably onto season 1876 by now and I would never catch up. Crying or Very sad
The first season (and I hope not the series) of Frisky Dingo, probably the single most hilarious Adult Swim 15 minute show since Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, just ended, and I'm still riotously laughing at it. I reccommend this show to everyone, anywhere. If you don't get Adult Swim, just look it up on Youtube. Believe me, you'll love every second of this show. The only bad one was the third one, and even that one was just ok by normal television show standards. Maybe later, I'll post up all the Youtube links to episodes. If you don't watch this show, I will, for the love of whatever god, murder you in very cold blood. Go, check out Frisky Dingo right now!
These are the series missing from your list:

Ghost Whisperer

Here is some criminal series - I don't know if you like those kind of series - not so much medical:
Without a Trace
Criminal Minds
Cold Case
Yes, Criminal Minds is an awesome show...I drop everything Im doing to watch that. There's also a cool show called Fort Boyard that I like to watch when I get a chance.

My wife is into the food network and hgtv.....I dont mind some of the shows like house hunters but the cooking shows kill me.
fbcompany wrote:

Please don't suggest any medical dramas or reality TV shows, they can piss off, waste of time, effort and money they are.

Duh. I was about to suggest you House. Anyway, I will still say you watch atleast the pilot of house Very Happy . You may like it due to its comedy and suspense.

Two other shows I would recomend are : Heroes (it is a bit childish yet the writers have managed to make it interesting with fast moving story) and Dexter (about a serial killer, who works in the police department, meeting his match. Has a good solid script).

I also like Criminal Minds.

Captain Fertile wrote:
I have never seen 24 yet whenever I see a clip it seems to be something that would interest me. Problem is it is probably onto season 1876 by now and I would never catch up. Crying or Very sad

Every season has a different story.
I would love to watch 24 also, but that is the type of show you would have to watch from the beginning.

House is an awsome show, i love watchign that one any chance i can get

CSI is always good, the spin offs Miami and new york are not as good imho but are good to watch if nothing else is on.
Maybe I'm just in the wrong decade, but I really think the best television is the old stuff- the I Love Lucy's and the Bewitched, and all of those. Of course my favorite is by far I love Lucy. I mean, who could go wrong with being the first to be pregnant on television, baking 12 foot long bread, wearing a wax nose, being superman out the window your aparment building, and getting drunk off of a health syrup while doing a live television-- I mean you could almost classify it as science fiction itself!
While Beauty and the Geek is hardly a top show, the final episode was the best I have seen on any reality show.

To help his partner "C.C." learn a valuable life less Nate asked his peer judges to vote for the other team.

This guy gave up $250,000 to help his partner grow? What in incredible ending, what a fantastic human being!

BTW you can see the reunion show coming up this week to see how it all turns out.
Shouldn't Hero's be on this list? Seems like the same sort of catergory, although living in the UK, it has only just started so havent had chance to see it as yet, but told it comes close if not better to the Lost, 24, Prison Break top three?
I'm not a big tv Dan, but I am totally addicted to White Collar.
Yeah, you've seen Tru Calling but nothing by Joss Whedon? That's not the order people normally go in.
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