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Domain Help

On my account I used a for awhile then I decided to buy a .com
I get it at and its all good and I changed the name servers but now how do I change my domain to use the .com site correctly? Also, I am using server 2 with directadmin
did you read this
There is a tutorial at It will explain everything about setting up the domain in Direct Admin from what I read it looks like you already set up the nameservers on Godaddy just do the bottom part of it and it will set up on Direct Admin. If you need more help just post here.
That was what I did and the site did not work. But I believe I have figured out the reason by reading that tutorial very carefully.

1) I set the name servers to this

But the tutorial said to said the name servers to this
And to the one I set it to if it was on server 1 but I am server 2. I will get back with results.
Ok it worked, but how do I make the 2 domains view the same content? Like I already have the mysql set up for the other domain and in cpanel you can just set the domain to parked domain and it works 0.0 how do i get the 2 sites to view the same content so that if you were to put in either one into your browser it would work just fine?

Set up a "Domain pointer", which can be found under the name "Domain Pointers", which is under "Advanced Featured". The image should help you find that easily enough, just type the domain you want to point to your primary domain.

If you need any help, just ask in this thread Smile
Yes but I dont just want the site to redirect I want the whole site to work on You can do it on cpanel, maybe directadmin is just not as good as Cpanel it lacks many of the features.
Wish4Me wrote:
Yes but I dont just want the site to redirect I want the whole site to work on You can do it on cpanel, maybe directadmin is just not as good as Cpanel it lacks many of the features.

The best way to achieve this would be to rename your existing domain. Domain pointers will work, but there are some associated problems (such as being unable to create email addresses

To do this, log into DirectAdmin and select DOMAIN SETUP. Click CHANGE A DOMAIN NAME and make sure your domain is selected from the drop-down box. On the right of the drop-down box, enter the domain name you bought then click CHANGE.

This will work, although it will change any email accounts that you've set up from to If you want to keep your domain, simply go to DOMAIN SETUP again in DirectAdmin then add a new domain and call it - please don't change it from this. If you would like a new domain name, use the Subdomain Change Requests section in your Account page.

If you do keep the domain, it's very easy to redirect traffic from it to your .com - simply log into DirectAdmin, select your domain and choose SITE REDIRECTION. Enter your .com domain, and any traffic that goes to your address will be redirected to the .com.

If you're having problems with this, please let me know by PM. I was your account creator so I can access your account and make changes for you if you'd like.

Hope this helps! Smile
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