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Hey how many musicians are on here that do covers?
Like I find a backing track to a song, and play along with it. Then play it back and see how it sounds.
unfortunately my computer is spazzing out on me and not going fast enough to handle everything Sad so i can't do covers right now.
I used to play in a few bands that played covers, as well as some original stuff.
I've never played in a band...but was affiliated with a very good AC/DC cover band called "AC-BC" ...

You can learn more about them @ there MySpace address :
The biggest cover band i know of is 'me first and the gimmie gimmie's.' They have hundreds of covers of a whole range of songs! I heard that they recorded all their songs live, because this way they didnt have to pay royalties to all the original song artists that they coverd. When i had my little band we coverd 'My heart will go on' (the titanic song), and TNT, as well as covering a lot of Blink 182's stuff. It's a good way to start getting tight in a band to start off with when u are finding your feet and havent written your own songs yet. Shocked
me first and the gimme gimmes are the best cover band, and the ONLY good cover band ive ever heard.

also, rufio's cover of the madonna song like a prayer is the best most fun pop cover ever Very Happy
There a good covers band in the UK called V8 - and

Here's a great version they did of The Stranglers - No More Heroes
Dr Carruthers
There a Hungarian AC/DC tribute band called AB/CD... They are... funny... A bunch of forty-ish men, dressed up as AC/DC. They play quite well, though.

I really like Marilyn Manson covering David Bowie's 'Golden Years'.
I think most bands have played some cover songs in their startup phase. But of cause theres also bands who only play cover. I think theres at least one metallica, ac/dc, van halen and a ossy osbourne cover band in every european country. We played a little metallica in my band in the beginning, but i find it alot more fun to play and write your own songs instead. But it's a good way to practise and learn each bandmember to know and know how they handle their instruments.
I play covers then do multi track recordings of them playing all the instruments and doing the lyrics myself. I've recentlt started finding out people's favourite songs and then doing a cover of them for them. (Great way to win over the ladies Wink )

My band do a few covers, its always really tempting to do them because we can usually pick a song and more or less nail it frist time if we already know how its sposed to sound. Problem with this is you keep thinking "oh just one moe cover" and you end up with very few of your own songs!
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