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Bears/Colts - What a great matchup!

Well here we go. Two weeks of stupid media nonsense and then a wonderful football game.

Being a huge Bears fan, I am a little biased, but I can't believe the early line in this game is the Colts by a touchdown.

I am extremely happy for Payton Manning, but I just wish he were playing someone besides my Bears. My early prediction is the Bears winning 27-21 on a late interception return for TD.
Well, as a big-time Saints fan, I must say that the Bears have a solid team. We just couldn't get in sync against that defense. Those 4 turnovers sure didn't help. And I think the weather effected us more than we'd like to admit.
Good Luck!
As long as Rex Grossman plays good the Bears will be alright. We already saw how the Ravens didn't let the Colts score a touchdown. The Bears didn't become 13-3 by luck.
and they didnt' become 13-3 because they have a good QB either. yeah grossman was good in the beginning of the season, but as of late he's been awful. he'll have his moments in a game but they can't keep relying on their defense to make the big plays.

i understand your bias cuz ur a bears fan but imo this is a god awful super bowl. its still better than pats vs bears, but the best would have been saints vs pats. although my dream super bowl from those 4 would be saints vs colts. o and to top off the crappiness of the game, the halftime show. PRINCE!?!?!?!?! Evil or Very Mad seriously wtf were they thinking when they signed him? do they not know the main demographic of those watching the super bowl?

all i have to say is this game better be something special or the commercials have to be down right amazing. something else they havent been in years. i think the diet pepsi commercial would have been a big hit during it. (take plays from the season and make em about them wanting a diet pepsi)
Oh for crying out loud. Who wants to see the Pats in another super bowl besides Pats' fans. The Colts in the super bowl is a great story, and the Bears are there for the first time in over 20 years. Two black coaches in the big game is wonderful also. Grossman played just fine in both playoff games - better than Payton Manning at times.
I'm just glad that that the Colts won. Otherwise if the Super Bowl contained the Bears and Patriots, it might have been a boring Super Bowl.

My ideal Super Bowl would have been the Saints and Colts. That would have been more fun to watch as you have two high octane offense and fairly good defense which have stepped up a bit during the playoff run.

But congrats to Peyton for slaying the dragon and finally getting to the Super Bowl and to the first two african-americans to coach in a Super Bowl at the same time.
Colts by 14.

Rex can't do anything.
I am the biggest Ravens fan this side of the Atlantic. So obviously I am rooting for the Bears. But to be totally honest I really couldn't care less about the game itself. Yeah I will probably watch it, but I am still extremely bitter of the Raven's loss. So I guess GO BEARS!!! DOWN WITH THE COLTS!!! 'Applause'
The bears are gonna win 32-26
I'm happy for Peyton. He really deserves it. I hope he wins it.
I am super excited for Peyton and the rest of the Colts. Finally getting over that hump and making it to the playoffs. It will be a great game, but i have to say the Colts have a huge edge and I believe they will run up the score and post big numbers against the bears. Let's face it, grossman can not lead a team to anything. Unless their defense scores 40 points i do not see this being very close.

Good luck bears, but the Colts have your number. My opinion anyway
Talk about a boring matchup. The championship games were much better.
I thought the Bears were gonna kick butt after the big kick-off return for a touchdown. Then it went all to hell. Grossman couldnt hold on to the ball. I never seen so many turnovers in my life.....although it was a great game to watch. Cool
grossman was the X factor in this match up but he blew the game with mental lapses like no other. HE couldn't hold on to the ball and he threw the ball up into a reciever with two guys in him. Bottom line is Rex needs some help. And the Bears did not deserve this superbowl, the colts did. Maybe in later years when rex is a little older and more mature the bears will have a chance untill then. we wait.
it was a horrible match up. who is this gross man?

Peyton finally wins one. But I'm happier for Dungy. Finally wins one from getting fired from my beloved Bucs.
And the best team won! GO COLTS! I am so happy for Peyton and Dungy, now they have the respect they both deserve and along with the rest of the colts. Who of you, did not believe in the best QB in the NFL.
I'm extremely happy for Peyton. He deserved the win.

Rex Lossman notwithstanding, 29 points allowed? Where was that top class Bears defense people kept talking about?
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