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FTP not working (Dreamweaver)

ok folks,

I have been having FTP issues for some time now, but was content to do all my updating through directadmin, but now i have a brand spankin' new macbook pro and i want to get ftp working again in dreamweaver.

there must be something that i am missing because it simply will not connect.

the details:

hostname or ftp address:

what folder on the server do you want to store your files in:

what is your ftp login?

what is your ftp password?
<same as direct admin>

yet it doesn't work.... I am thinking it may have something to do with the server 2 crash that happened about 8 months ago now? Maybe my settings are different now?

Snyone with help would be greatly appreciated as I have pm'd bondings a number of times to get a resolution, but no response... (must be on holidays!)

cheers in advance
Have you checked that you're using active mode? Passive mode won't work.
I don't believe there is an active/passive mode in DW. I think you should maybe change the 'Where do you want to store your files on' in nothing. Because /home/your_username/public_html is just an, how you call that... ehm.. shortcut or something? Don't know how you say it in English sorry Embarassed

I think you know what I mean!

(For the Dutch: Snelkoppeling xD)
If Dreamweaver doesn't support active mode, you would be best to publish your site locally then upload the files to your Frihost account using something like FileZilla.
hi guys and thanks for the responses so far.

dreamweaver does support active mode (check under the "advanced" tab when defining a site)

thanks fromegame, i have removed the "where do you want to store" field and left it blank, now it seems to be getting somewhere (ie, it takes a lot longer to return an error message)

any other options?

i have had dreamweaver, frihost and ftp running no problems in the past, there has to be an answer!
surely someone must have the solution to why this ain't working?
What version are you using? I have 8 and can connect fine with no problems.
Does it work with other programs?
i am using dreamweaver 8 (mac)

i don't use other programs for ftp, it must be able to work in dreamweaver, as it has worked in the past fine!
Anybody know a friendly ftp application?
blendbet wrote:
Anybody know a friendly ftp application?

Try FileZilla. If that doesn't work, see this thread on the forum.
yeah thanks blendbet, why not just hijack my thread?!!

surely you could have searched the forums for a thread to help you with your question?

my question on the other hand has not been asked before, and I am still without a resolution!

can someone please (ie possibly admin) pm me with my ftp details so i can get dreamweaver back up and running.... please! Smile

hi folks,

i am forced to bump this as i am getting no reply from both bondings or noobieforlife and i really need an answer!

why would this not be working?

i can upload to other ftp's, so it is not my isp, and it is not dreamweaver - it HAS to be soemthing to do with the server 2 crash!

anyone got a idea?
still am getting no reponses from any moderators here on this issue!

can someone please look into this for me?
Well, you are cross-posting, and I did give you the answer you need in a post in the other thread.

To restate the answer for you, there is nothing that we (the moderating team) can do for you just now. If you have configured your program (Dreamweaver) correctly, then it should work. If not, it might be a server issue and if it is, only Bondings will be able to help. Try sending him another PM.

Check that you are using the correct details (username and password - the case is very important). Ensure that you are using active mode. Try using instead of Try removing this setting:
what folder on the server do you want to store your files in:

I've never used Dreamweaver to upload a site before, so I can't be any more help. As I suggested earlier, perhaps you should publish the site to your hard disk and upload it using an ftp client like FileZilla - did you try this? I know that Dreamweaver was working earlier, but it's not now. If you do this, at least you'll have a temporary fix while you wait for Bondings to get back to you.
hi Animal,

the only reason i have cross posted this is because no one was too bothered about getting back to me.

i had pm'd bondings i don't know how many times was no response...

but i do thank you for your help animal, however in this instance i feel like the team here at the fri have let me down, and i have sourced the answer from another forum site.

i was reluctant to post elsewhere as i wanted to keep this on home turf, however it was the distinct lack of communication from the pm messages i was sending that led me down that path.

not to bother, ftp in dreamweaver is now up and running all fine and i thank everyone who did post options and suggestions.

case closed (thankfully!) Smile
It's not actually the job of moderators to solve problems. Neither moderators or admins actually have access to the server to fiddle with configuration files or anything to help or come up with any other possible solutions for you.

bjwok wrote:
not to bother, ftp in dreamweaver is now up and running all fine and i thank everyone who did post options and suggestions.
case closed (thankfully!) Smile

Great! Very Happy
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