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yoga is the best

I suggest you all to do YOGA if you really want to be fit. I have experienced the different before and after doing the YOGA. doing YOGA really make you very fit and comfortable. i feel is better than the daily work out.
Would you suggest a class or a video/dvd training for a beginer?

How long do you do it for? I mean per day.. an hour? half an hour?

I alway been tempted to try out but never really crossed the bridge...
oh i tried this at home yoga video for an hour and oh man is it hard!! you have to be really comitted to see results Surprised
I am thinking of going to yoga class. Not to be fit, but to feel more relaxed. Fysically I mean. But I don't want all the "be in touch with yourself", "connect with your inner-child"-kinda talk.
Yoga is also connected to religious ideas which I do not like very much. But maybe I'm completely wrong. Could you elaborate a little more on how Yoga helped you to be more fit? and what would you suggest to do as a beginner? Go to class? read a book? Smile
Hi guys, normally, i heard that christians usually will not like yoga, as it is related to meditating, which is a no-no. But i guess this is REALLY just for relaxation. So do not take this too seriously with all the religion complexities for that matter. I would suggest that those interested seek the videos from qualified Yoga instructors. There are some fake videos - those who generate just to make quick bucks. So it would be wise to do some research and make sure that your instructors are qualified instructors. You wouldnt want to really practise under an unqualified one. IMHO.
I've been practising yoga for years and I think its a really great way to get a tone body and relax your mind at the same time..... Everyone can do it and it doesn't need to be hard, no one is expected to do all the stretches straight away, you have to practice it...
I find Hatha Yoga the most relaxing and Iyenger Yoga the most hard core...
It is true that working towards increased flexibility is good for you. Stretching actually does exercise muscle fibers and it tends to do so at the extended ranges of movement that are otherwise not safe for heavier weight training. However, yoga will not replace more intense cardiovascular training. It will not build strength like strength training (rather it will build strength more on the lines of toning exercises). Finally, it will not burn fat at the same rate as fat-burning exercise (pulse ~110-140). If you do yoga for a year, don't expect that to enable you to bench press 300 pounds or to run a marathon in under 3 hours. Yoga is definitely good for you but it does not replace all other types of physical exercise.

illegalhost wrote:
Hi guys, normally, i heard that christians usually will not like yoga, as it is related to meditating, which is a no-no.

Nothing in Christianity prohibits yoga. Meditation is fine in Christianity and both inner reflection and attention to physical health are encouraged!
Well, I've heard it's positively dangerous to start learning from a book or video, without a teacher. I don't really know if this is true or not. And actually, one of my friends sprained her back practicing with a video. It wasn't anything serious, but it did make me a bit apprehensive...
I am sure Yoga is great but unfortunately it is not my type!
It is slow and needs patience which I find boring !
I am too convinced that Yoga is the best.Recently i am practicing Yoga from my Yoga Guru. I was so inspire when i saw my friend father who is so healthy in his mid 50's age. He was doing Yoga at the age of 20. Yoga keeps the mind frees from worries. It is a type of meditation. After doing Yoga i have find many changes in my health and mind. So i suggest everyone to do Yoga

Yoga is the best natural exercise.
I would like to try yoga if it would help me to look more handsome O_o
Yoga is an universal health rejuvenation program and has no barriers of religion. Hence a person of any religion can practice it. I have personally experienced the difference it makes in a person's life. Occasionally I practice the Yoga as told by Ramdev Baba. Those who are interested can watch Ramdev Baba's on Aastha channel.
is yoga really helps you or it just mentally affected you and simultaneously helps you recover or gain some kind of placebo..
Yoga changes daily way of living.
May Be, the problem it that there is not a lot of places where to practise it ...

And practising it individually is very disapointing at the beginning. Shocked
I think yoga is the best,Yoga keeps the mind frees from worries.YOGA really make you very fit and comfortable.Yoga is the best natural exercise.It's always good way for your health.Yoga is always good for you.
For me yoga is very good thing also for every person through this we can live happy everyday. Ramdev Baba is best yoga teacher for me i try to do his all yoga............ Cool
Yoga exercises really allows you or it just psychologically impacted you and at the same time allows you restore or gain health. It is best for both men and women..
Yoga is the best excercise to remain healthy is today's fast and furious life.
Yoga exercises is an worldwide health restorative program and has no limitations of religious beliefs, hence a person of any religious beliefs can exercise it, i have individually knowledgeable the distinction it makes in a person....
Hi Sanjeevreddyk,
Yoga not only helps in reducing and managing body weight but also brings flexibility in your body. Yoga helps in breathing better, increase our strength and relief pain. Yoga stable autonomic nervous system, reduce high blood pressure and improve our mood.
Hi sanjeevreddyk,
Agree with you and like to add yoga helps in losing and maintaining healthy body weight, increase your memory and reduce your pulse rate. Yoga increase your strength, reduce high cholesterol and prevent us from depression, obesity, heart disease and some cancers.
sanjeevreddyk wrote:
I suggest you all to do YOGA if you really want to be fit. I have experienced the different before and after doing the YOGA. doing YOGA really make you very fit and comfortable. i feel is better than the daily work out.

every sport should bee good if doing properly
My opinion is also the same that every exercise is good if we do it properly and continuously. Exercise makes u active and healthy.I am also use to of is part of my life.I like to it in early in the morning either yoga or running or cycling etc. Exercise keep you a live.This is my opinion.
Yoga is a mind and body practice that improve health and physical fitness. Yoga is good to improve heart functions, mental health, lose weight, make strong bones and muscles, reduce stress, boost energy, build stamina and improve physical performance.
remind:though yoga is very good way, but upside-down
of yoga's way is danger.
Many yoga exercisers turn into aphrenia for it.
Any kind of exercise is good either yoga or other type.Exercise makes body active and strong.It is very important to have some activity for our look fresh and health.
Can one exercise YOGA alone? Or must I take part of some YOGA group?
Could you recommend me some usefuls postures to do yoga?
Wich are the most useful ones to start with? I mean daily use.
For example the first 5 ones.

This one is useful to your lower back:

It helps your lower back bones get back into the right position, also relaxes muscles joining to your whip. Its useful when you sit a lot daily, like using a computer, wich is becoming a quite useful thing, especially if you use computer after your work wich is also a work with screen/sitting.
Yoga is good, but its hard
Yoga is a good form of exercise. It helps to keep us fit and fine. There are number of benefits of yoga. Some of following are:
1. Less stress, more calm.
2. Better flexibility & posture
3. Improved immunity
4. Increase flexibility and strength
5. Good for Your Heart
jajarvin wrote:
Can one exercise YOGA alone? Or must I take part of some YOGA group?

I think group is very nice specially if you have hot chicks on the group and it also keeps you motivated if you are on the group compared alone.

I think some preferred individual and they like not to be disturb. But for me since i am not expert i preferred group yoga.
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