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How to Own in CS:S for newbs

Ok, Wen you first play this game you probly have no idea what to do right?

Well firstly i recomend you to go in the the game click "create game"

Put bots on, go to CPU option and make the bots have no wepons.
Pick a map like De_dust2.

Have you bot number to about 10 bots or whatever your computer can run.
Then start the game. When your in press ` and write in console mp_limmitteams 20 - so bots can all go on 1 team.

Then start learn with a shotgun first move to SMG's then The ak's and M4's

WIth a Ak47 aim at the head and try going down to the body slowly it kills em in 1-2 hits. with SMG's I reccomend to shoot straight at the peoples head.

IF you shoot people in the head in does more damage!

If you got any questions you would like me to answer post here Very Happy
After you learnt your SMG's aks and stuff move on to the Scout.
Play the map ScoutDeagle.

WHen you play this put bots to 15. and their skill to Expert with knifes
and maybe type sv_cheats 1 then sv_gravity 100 (800 is a normal jump)

As you play this map press right click to zoom in with the scout. try ki,lling people like that then move to dont scope.

When you play for along time you will always aim in the middle of the screen to scouting with no scope is simple so try this and have fun.

More coming soon
"because you run faster with a knife out."
Is this true?

I know the basics of CS:S, although I've never played it. I've got a friend who plays it heaps. Once we played each other in Counter-Strike 2D (like Counter-Strike only 2D and looking from above. We couldn't put the 3D version on the school's computers).

More hints and tricks would be appreciated. We want to hear it from the pros.
TerrorBite wrote:
"because you run faster with a knife out."
Is this true?

Yes. Certain weapons allow you to run faster, and others really slow you down (the AWP comes to mind.)

EDIT: And while I'm no pro, I'd recommend find a GunGame (or GG Turbo) server. GG is a CS mod that cycles you through all the weapons in succession. It's actually a VERY good way to learn how to use all the weapons.

And trust me, it IS easy to learn this game. I was never any good at FPS games, yet I started with CS 1.6 and then upgraded to Source, and have been doing pretty decently. Also, I'm 35, so even older dudes can learn to play effectively (albeit my reactions aren't nearly as fast as some of my friends.)
From years of experience, one of the things I came to know, is that when holding a knife, you will run faster. Holding a gun does cause you to run slowly, simply because of the fact that different guns weigh differently, and a knife has no weight to it at all.
For anyone that want's to own in any cs game, get used to the game, of course in 1.6 you can't really put in bots but just practice on a deathmatch server.
Go on my site and read the tutorial.. very useful tips, I guess, if you really wanna get better..
if you wanna pwn this game then simply play on the ****** thing for hours on end, dont even move for a shit, drink or piss - sleep only 4 hours per night. keep this up for 8 years or so and hey presto you pwn! thats what i did anyway haha!!!
jay84h wrote:
Holding a gun does cause you to run slowly, simply because of the fact that different guns weigh differently, and a knife has no weight to it at all.

Although I know what you're saying, it's only a game mechanic / balance issue. If you're carrying a 30 kg AWP in your hands and a 1 kg knife on your belt, you're carrying 31 kgs. If you carry a 1 kg knife in your hands and a 30 kg AWP on your back, you're still carrying 31 kgs, so you'd run at the same speed.

As for learning the game, I'd just play bots on easy and get to know the maps, get to know the weapons. Learn about planting and defusing. There's nothing worse than watching a noob with the bomb running around with no idea what to do with it. Wink Might save you from abuse online.

I agree with the suggestion for Gun Game. Not only is it a great way to learn weapons, it's incredibly fun. It's the only form of CSS I've played in the last few months.
i use to play this shite all th etime it was so bomb!!!! damn i wish i had time to play it again but im affraid if i start, i'll get hooked on it, too much work and too much arrands to ****** do now. all godo, u guys enjoy, i use top love using the knifre and jacking people.
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