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Hooligans in Football

Is There Hooliganism Evident Within Football?
 70%  [ 7 ]
 20%  [ 2 ]
Not sure
 10%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 10

Is it me or ahs there been more Hooligan antics featured in Football.

Im just thinking this because of the actions in the World Cup where there was a few attacks on so called rival team supporters by supporters.

What do you think?
Hoolignism is still present in Football, especially in the less developed countries....
Do you think it puts decent supporters of Football in a bad light then?

Coz when you think about it, it is only a select few that do it.
I used love it but now I gone to rugby because even though its more violent on thepitch, thats the only thing there is left
Football hooliganism is a highly visible phenomenon, as journalists and TV cameras are present at virtually every match. Since the 1960s, journalists have been sent to football matches to report on crowd behaviour as much as on the game itself.

As a result, media coverage of football-related disorder and violence is extensive, and the British tabloid press in particular devote apparently unlimited column inches to any incident that occurs, complete with sensationalist headlines.
It doesn't get reported very much in the US.
That level of open racial hatred would not be tolerated.
Most people in the US would be appalled to hear all the monkey racial slurs yelled at black players and all the bananas thrown on the fields all across Europe. The term hooligan is just a polite way to avoid calling it what it really is, racism.
Virtualy every game in every division in english football will have a hooligan element. Is it a bad thing? Yes and no.

Violence is appaling but I've been a Cardiff fan all my life and our reputation speaks for itself. When we were languishing in the old Division 4 getting 3,000 at the gate and loosing baddly each week who would want to travel all the way to Carlisle in mid-week December for a night game in the freezing sleet and rain!!!? The hooligans do!

I bloody wouldn't!

It will never be stamped out, the police are doing a better job now but all you must remember is if your there for the football then you will be fine, if your there for a fight there are people there that will fight.

Hooligans only fight hooligans and scarfers only watch the footy. Let 'em all get on with it and leave us to watch the game!!!
TribalArt wrote:
Is it me or ahs there been more Hooligan antics featured in Football.

Im just thinking this because of the actions in the World Cup where there was a few attacks on so called rival team supporters by supporters.

What do you think?

Football thugs are just muppets
Italians are at it yet again!!! I think they have turned into the nastiest football fans in europe.

No one should die at football. A copper is there to do a job, not to get killed.

The headline in the BBC news pages read this

Italian league halted by violence
The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has suspended all matches indefinitely after a policeman was killed at a Serie A match between Catania and Palermo.

The whole article can be found here at

There will always be trouble at footy, it will never end. But no need get killed
I guess Italy is serious about cleaning it up.
It never even made the news channels here in the states.
But, that is a drastic action, and speaks well for the Italians.
They are stupid!!
There have been many attempts to stop the hoolignism, but it is a crowd effect. If you notice when there's a crowd of 10 persons, the one in the middle acts very violent like he'll tear apart the force order, but with this attitude hi gets quickly in front of the group. You should see his face then.
Hooliganism is still present in football. Look at Italy, but Italy does have some overreaction in my mind to it.
i think football is one of the most uninteressting soprtgames in the world!

you are sitting for more the two hours in fornt of the tv and the result is that your team loose!
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