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Witch is better?
 38%  [ 5 ]
PES (Pro Evolution Soccer)
 61%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 13

Witch is better? Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA? I have PES? He is good.

I play FIFA 2000 and it is great

What you thing?
FIFA 99 is the best,...alltho FIFA 2007 is cool too...
Pro Evo... Any of them. Although I'm not great at football games so each incarnation inevitably ends up in "the draw" after I've lost too many games.

Still, miles better than Fifa
I actually bought 2007 for my PS2 and have started playing it online, so it just never gets boring, although because of this never got round to playing PES6, is this also playable online and has anyone tried both games online to compare?
I own PES6. I played PES on playstation 2 for the first time at a thing called "bokmässan", in sweden. I found it very good and much better than FIFA 2004 that I also have. (but the best fifa is fifa 2000).

One thing in PES I can't understand is why they must make the selected player moving and sometimes don't when I want to! If I make a pass in front of my player but then I see that the enemy will get first. Then I want to run at another direction and meet the ball but the game cant understand and the player continues to run. why? It kills the feeling of the game! Is there an option I have missed?
It's true. One thing I can say in favor of EA sports' vision and progress is that they definitely know which game to copy and mold theirs after. The metamorphosis of this title since the 2004 edition is with leaps and bounds. Even though, the FIFA series never quite presents any real contention for the title of "best soccer game". If there were ever one golden key, it would be the one Konami's got and EA doesnt. Ball Physics. It's the way the ball dips ever so slightly when you get is just right, just like in real life. In PES (WE), controller input (pressing the button) is weighted just right, it's consistent (as long as you are). Even the bounces a ball takes on the pitch feels real. FIFAs approximation is sorta like trying to snap detailed scenery shots with your crappy 1.5 megapixel camera phone...while driving. For the past three years, I've merely bought FIFA after getting too sucked into WE (I live in the states), thinking that sometimes change is good (my second thought is you can never have too many soccer games). And for the past three years, I wonder when I'll smarten up and just save my money. The final word on this subject? Who in their right mind would pay $50 for a xerox copy? You? SAY NO TO FIFA
PES. PES 6 is just awesome. I played FIFA2007 too but every year FIFA improves just a little bit...and I don't like the gameplay of FIFA. PES feels much more natural. Although the graphics suck.
I think PES is better, not only the actions of players, but also the system....
In terms of gameplay Pro Evolution Socces rules. The control is just awesome in PES. Graphics too is okay in PES. But what really turns me off about PES is that they really haven't ported it well to the PC. It hogs too many resourses.

Fifa has better commentary, and well marketed.

But if i have to take a pick among them, I will pick PES any day.
PES is nice quality graphic ,.... fifa is classic... i preffer PES
Pro evo is the winner hands down.

Although Fifa 98 was pure genius
Open style gameplay, tacticks and plain fun won't be matched by lazy repetitive FIFA style Smile
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