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Alkaline Trio

Why do people praise this band the way they do?

Just as I think My Chemical Romance is nothing more than a poster child for lonely goth kids wearing pants that have numerous, unneeded attachments, I think that Alkaline Trio is floating down the same river.

People get extra defensive over them. It's quite funny.

Crimson was a the only album that I could even remotely stand.
im not that big a fan, but i really loved their album good mourning, i thought it was a really tight and melodic album. Very Happy i wasnt really into crimson though. i guess it just comes down to taste. theres always going to be die hard fans of any band.

but i cant stand my chemical romance, ive tried to give them a chance.
i havent heard anything other that crimson, but i liked that album
I totally agree with your thoughts on MCR, I believe Alkaline Trio to be much more classic than that.

You can't write tracks like Time To Waste just off the top of your bored little head like MCR tracks that'll fade away after the 'emo season' is over. The piano intro, the hook, the booming instruments and everything else just come together perfectly to set the ghostly scene.

Alkaline Trio's music takes skill. MCR is just a fad for the kids that think they're oh so hardcore.

The real question is what happened to Anti-Flag? I didn't think they were sell outs when I heard they signed to Sony BMG, because I knew they were just trying to bring the message across, but the new album was awful! It never really 'broke down' and just kept consistantly right before a climax - it was unsatisfying and boring.
I love Alk3 and rarely say a bad word about them, but I also got into them when I was younger and can't say that I would be into them if I discovered them now. A big part of my enjoyment of music comes from the memories I associate with it.

Anyways, onto me saying a bad word. I was pretty disheartened by Matt Skiba's blatant branding exercise a few years ago when he launched his own clothing line. For a guy who's supposed to be a tortured soul letting his emotions flow through his music, he sure is superficial.
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