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Movies-Fantastic Four

hey this is Joe Cool
Whats going on. Even though I have a real busy life outside of my home I still manage to watch quality tv once in a while. I watch all the music channels all the time and the movie channels like HBO and Cinemax,but I also Go to the Movies from time to time. Just the other day I seen Fantastic 4 It was real good I reccomend it to anybody who like marvel comics, or just a good story line.
Well peace Out For now
So, it's simply new comics no more.......
I looked the movie may look all day and all night is not tired
Fantastic Four isn't cool.
This is a movie to teenagers lol.
Fantastic Four is it good?
i havent saw it.
good movie
i like it
Really good efects and really bad ending they beat doom to easy
I saw it and there was nothing exciting in it,all like in the comix.I say it was boring.They could have made a new story than the old again and again.
yeah i love Fantastic 4
I was looking forward to see this new movie from Marvel and I must say that this is really disappointing. I would go as far as to say it got kinda boring and is in no class of some of the other marvel comic movies. I have not yet seen Batman, but apparently it's really good. Check it out.
It's amazing...

Very goooooooooooood!

Very Happy
read the reviews.. people said it was ok movie not great as it was expected.
i havent still seen it... i want to. let me know how really the movie is. i might rent the video and watch it Very Happy

bwt..i'm looking forward to seeing Aeon Flux...sounds awesome
That movie was fantastic, it was awesome, its the best comic movie.
everyone told me that the movie pretty much sucked... so i never saw it... should i go anyways?
Whatever you do, do not see this movie. The cartoons and the comics were amazing, but this... this is taking the proverbial piss. After you see it you would wish to never have sat on your back side and watched it.
This film is absolutely Fantastic! I loved it!
All the characters are really cool! I specially liked Human Torch! He's so hot! Razz
I reccomend it!
It was an ok movie.. had a lot fo cool graphics and funny parts.. but i would nominate it for an oscar or anything...
its nice movie !
I liked the movie, J. Alba is hot.
I have just seen this movie and it rooocks! My favorite movie in a long long time! Jessica rocks, Chris rocks and Julian rocks! Very Happy Everyone rocks!! And the movie ending was perfect - i hope Julian will be back if there is coming a second movie Smile
the OST is also good..especially the song Everything Burns...Ben Moody feat. Anastacia is a great song that takes you in movie ...listen !!!
Hmm... what should i say about it? It was actually really good, in my opinion, despite what all the critics say Very Happy. It was fun, exciting, and just well... fantastic, i guess. The effects were okay, i guess, and i think the plot and cast did pretty good...

Mr.Fantastic/Ioan Gruffud--> He was.. OK. His accent slipped a couple of times though, but i guess he was pretty believable...his character was kinda boring though... i just think the effects when he stretches himself kinda sucked - especially when he slid his hand under the door

Invisible Girl/ Jessica Alba--> i thought she was pretty amazing (b4 anyone says anything, yeah, I'm biased, I'm an Alba fan) But you gotta admit, she was dammmmmm hot in the movie Smile I thought her acting didn't suck ... it wasn't like, amazingly amazing, but it didn't suck either. It was pretty good overall. But yeah, they do have a point when they say she's not convincing as a scientist, and that she's only there as eye candy , like the part where she had to strip to become invisible... not that i'm complaining or anything.. (though i think yeah, she IS eye candy, but that's not the only reason why she's there)

Human Torch/ Chris Evans--> He did a good job of portraying johnny, in my opinion. His comments were always funny, and i liked the thing/torch combo in the movie.

Thing/ Chiklis--> Chicklis made a good Ben Grimm. It was believable and not boring. Good job Very Happy i just find it weird how Deborah( or whats her name) worked so hard to get through the crowd just to put the ring on the floor nd reject the thing, right after he was being applauded by so many ppl for being a hero Shocked

Overall, yeah the movie was really good-- for those of you who keep on complaining how you can't believe you spent 10$ to watch the film, yeah i can't believe it either.... it was worth MORE than that!!... OK, yeah, i'm exaggerating, but hey, give it a chance... it's A LOT better than what critics make it out to be- it's not that bad. You'll be shocked that the movie is, actually, pretty fantastic (no pun intended)!
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