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A question...

Well, someone once told me that boys usually like to go on and on about their hobby (cars, games, for instance) to the the girl that they're into. Is this true or not? Because I have no idea!
personally, i usually let the girl go on about her own interests rather than me hog the convo. cuz i know girls like to be able to talk so i usually just listen to them rather than babble about something.
i agree with lastelement
let her talk too im not saying that you should never talk about youre hobbies but also let her talk about her hobbies ask her about her hobbies trust me shell apreciate it alot.. girls like the interrest you show them not the interrest in youre car but the interrest in her, if you show that shell like you more than when you only babble about youre favo game offcourse you can talk about youre likings too but you have to listen to her story too if you want her to feel comfortable with you
Ha, I'm a girl, I just wondered if this was true or not.
BlockUp wrote:
Well, someone once told me that boys usually like to go on and on about their hobby (cars, games, for instance) to the the girl that they're into. Is this true or not? Because I have no idea!

o.O;; Isn't it just as true that girls go on about their hobbies as well? In my experience, people just like talking about the things that they're interested in. That's what this whole site is built around, after all, beyond the whole 'free webhosting' thing.

When I first met my current girlfriend (at the after party for an academic conference on superheroes; how freakin' cool is that?), we discovered that we were both into fandom, even though we were into completely separate pockets of fandom. So we spent the whole night babbling to each other about what made those different pockets of fandom so unbelievably cool and interesting and fun for us. And that's still one of the main ways we communicate: by being as loud and happy as possible at each other about the things that we enjoy, including each other. Cool

*shrugs* I don't know. Wanting to talk about the things that you enjoy, wanting people to understand why you enjoy them so much...I don't think that's a guy thing. I think it's just a natural people thing.

Knew it was just bull.
I have a bone to pick.
BlockUp wrote:

Knew it was just bull.
I have a bone to pick.

*laughs* Fair enough. I take the Internets too seriously sometimes. Embarassed
i think you are a girl, and suffer from such case, right ?

well, i am a guy. Truely speaking, i am this type too. i mean, i spend more time on my hobbies than my girlfriend... i like dance so much and i wanna enter the academy of performing arts in this 2 years. So, i must train harder now. But it does not mean that i do not love my girlfriend. When i have time, no matter how tired i am, after the dance or work or whatever, i go to see her. Actually she knows that i am very tired each time, and she says that there is no need to see her if i am so exhausted, as we live far away from each other. However, i cherish the time that we are together.

Don't worry too much. He loves you.
I think there ARE guys who are insensitive enough to ramble on and on only about their own interests, but there are those (few) gems who do have a good head on their shoulders and who know precisely what their girl wants to talk about, and look for topics they both can converse on. (I'm lucky enough to have a partner who is exactly like that. Though I do have a cousin who's pretty much like the insensitive jerk i was naming. like, all he talks about is cars and stuff he knows, he doesn't care if the person he's talking to in fact knows what a wrench is from a screwdriver.)

so basically, all i'm saying is -- it depends on the person you're with. know the person first before going out with them, would be my advice. Wink

[and yes, i am a girl. Laughing]
Hmm, well, this guy... sometimes I find him insensitive, and other times he's full of morals, and he likes to talk about the things he does, which isn't too bad for me because I guess I'm into those things too. I don't know why, he so unpredictable, but I find him utterly charming.
I think that everybody likes to talk about themselves wether man or woman. They just have to feel that the one they are talking to is also interested.

Which is why, on social occasion, you will always appear to be a great person if you are a good listener Wink

So if you want to woo someone, just listen to her/him! Laughing
If you have a common interests why not. Maybe every couple should decide what things thay may do together. And to dacide thay have to try to do some of thay favorite things together and to see what works. In the most couples there are at list 3 or 4 things that thay love to do together
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