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I am new to frihost, but I joined to help create a gaming website for my guild. I am shocked that I dont see more people posting about MMO's. The MMO I play, which is World of Warcraft, has at least 7 million players; you would think there would be more posts about it.

But, if any of you are wow players, lets get this thread going!
personally ive seen WOW
its a very very nice game but i think the way youre beeing treated is pitty
what in the world have they been thinking to let you pay every month for a game

its so unfair i aint never going to buy this game not in a thousand years..
think about it what was the price again?? 49,59euro if im not mistakin and than still payin 14,59 a month??? who on earth pays that im still surprised people fallin for this joke!!

well if you like the game i hope its worth the money for you..
for me the money aint fallin out of a tree i couldnt even afford it not even if i wanted it... but even if i could afford it i would never pay money every month just to play a game

im not saying its a stupid game or anything dont get me wrong it looks so damn nice so many levels so many things to do.. but hey paying monthly its something blizzard thought up... makes me (seriously a warcraft 1,2,3 fan) not playing warcraft no more
Actually wow saves me alot of money. I dont go out as much, and I always have somethign to do when RL gets boring.
Requell wrote:
Actually wow saves me alot of money. I dont go out as much, and I always have somethign to do when RL gets boring.

yep actually when your young, yes a game could save you a lot of money
when u grow up and study becomes a necessary issue you wont have time for games and neighter for anything else
a game could lead you to a disaster in file if u prefair to play rather than study
An other thing is that when u grow up and have much things on ur head, like work and a car etc u wont have time for games neighter

I say it depends the age of a person to say if its worthed or not
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