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Game Staff Needed

MyArcadePlanet.Com is a recently developed website, less than a month old, that has already made a big splash in the gaming industry. We are looking for a couple of quality, dedicated members of this great Sony community to further enhance the Sony name to users of our website. We are currently looking for staff for PS3 Reviews, PS2 Reviews, and general PS3 Staff and Moderators. These people have to be very well known amongst the Sony community and must know the Playstation 3, and other Sony products inside out. You must be up to date with current news and press releases and have a friendly attitude and good writing skills. If this sounds like something that you are qualified for, please contact me so myself, along with my staff can further interview you and see if you are qualified for the positions available. Future rewards for holding this job include trips to E3Expo, exclusive game demos, and content available only to the press. We also need a few other gamers from other consoles to help round out our team of writers to help keep up with news and game reviews for their respective console.
If you are interested, please contact me via AIM: myarcadeplanet or MSN: admin(at)myarcadeplanet(dot)com so we can talk further.
We recently added two new PC moderators, but we are still looking for help with the PS3 and Wii and maybe the Xbox 360.
We are looking for some additional staff for the site. We need some additional writers and editors. To be considered you will have to have a quick interview with me. Previous experience is helpful but unnecessary. However, we will request some previously written work. We also need some graphic design staff. A portfolio of work you can show us is necessary for this.

Contact me for more info.

Aim: C41n141
Sorry to bump this agian, but we are still searching and I felt it was better than making a new thread. Please contact me for more info on how you can become involved at
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