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Help, Everything seems lost.

I have used partition magic 8 for repartioning my c drive. I have 4 partitions.After the successful completion of the operation, nothing happened to C drive and the other partions become in accessable.Whenever I click on any partition it gives a prompt to format.
But inside partition magic, it correctly shows the old volume names and the amount of information contained in the disk. Is there any way to recover them or everything has gone? I have used a backup software named restoration which shows the files with $ symbols but couldnot retrieve any of them. BTW I have not done anything to those partion till now hoping to recover the datas. I donot know whether this is the correct forum for this question but my brain is simply not working after this disaster.Pleeeeeeeese help.
Norton PartitionMagic uses extended partitions to partition your drive. You have 4 partitions, which is the limit of your BIOS. Forcing another partition to be created will render other drives inaccessible. Try moving the partitions back into place and check whether it works.

If it doesn't work, the last resort is of course to use a recovery software, like O&O DiskRecovery. However, to warn you first, you might need to spend like lots of time moving the files back into place. Correct me if I'm wrong. Just my 2 cents.
You have 4 partitions, which is the limit of your BIOS.

No man, I am using intel 865 GBF where there is no such limitation.My partition table or fat has been corrupted. One solution I am doing (working so far but taking few hours ) is booting my machine through linux live cd and copying the files from there.But as I have told, It took around 5 hours to copy 5gb (with 2.4Ghz processor and 1 GB ram).So please suggest some faster method (if available) becoz I have to copy my 60GB data Sad . Thanx in advance.
I hope you made the rescue disks when you installed Partition Magic. If not you may be screwed. Sorry about the bad news
you can connect your hard drive to another computer and run some partition recovery software to recover it. I'd recommend acronis disk director. This should help.

If your data was extremely important there are services which recover data but it won't be cheap

P.S You're in kolkata? cool. I'm in kharagpur
Try PC Inspector file recovery its free. Connect the drive to another pc and then det the data back. Its faster than wat u said u were using
4 Primary partitions is a universal limit and has nothing to do with a BIOS, be it 865DBF or 975SIXSYDUSYUSD.

If you want more than four partitions you need to create one or more partitions as logical partitions inside an extended partition. PM8.0 shows the type of partition (Pri/Log) beside each partition.

Just use PM8.0's filemanager to recover your data, move it to C:\ or burn it and format the inaccessible drives, because it's difficult to tell what exactly is wrong with the disk (unless u post a screenshot of PM8.0 showing your partitions and their properties).
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