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Periodic downtime

I have been getting frequent downtimes on my site now, Ive tested it on more than one computer with more than one browser and have concluded that it is the site actually being down. Its just a failed to connect to server error, but I get it alot, and being that my site is a forum, that is a bad thing. It will last about 5-10 min. usually, then be done with, but during that 5-10 min my site is inaccessible. I have also tried visiting the other domain I have on there during this downtime to make sure it wasnt something local, and the same is true.

Any idea whats causing this and how to fix it?

Yet for some reason, even during this downtime I can login to my account on the DA Neutral.
the server 2's apache has been down for more than 1 hour Now. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the apache to be up..
Read the official status topic for details on current problems. This topic may also answer some of your questions.

Animal's reply sometime ago. Probably you are going to receive the same and this thread will be locked.

I really cant do anything but worry about the dismal performance of Server 2 in vain.
It's been happening now for like about 20+ mins. Sad
bye the way i read that thread in another forum.
I have been online for about an hour, and all this time it has been down.
Yes, it seems to be getting longer, why is it happening? Does anyone know?
Ratmaster wrote:
Yes, it seems to be getting longer, why is it happening? Does anyone know?

If anybody does know, they certainly are not replying.

What i dont understand is this, cant this problem be set right for good. How can a problem occur everyday on the server all the time.
Server going down once in 30 mins is hopelessly unreliable
This happens with some other site like hyperboards, but they tell us why.
If they tell us, wouldn't someone may have an idea how to fix it? I am not talking about me because I barely know a thing about anything other then javascript, html, and php.
It looks as though the server (or rather APACHE on the server) has crashed - this could be caused by a bad script run by a user etc. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to fix this at the moment since Bondings is the only one who has the required Root access to restart the server.

All we can do for now is apologise for this unscheduled downtime and hope that Bondings gets online soon. I'll -close- this topic and direct you to the Current Server Status page where we will keep you updated.
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