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ActionScript2.0 - importing an external movie clip

i know how to do this

loadMovie("tile.swf", _root.tileMc);

i have a movie clip already placed on stage called tileMc and it loads fine, but i cannot figure out how to make it stop.

_root.tileMc.gotoAndStop(4);// does not work
_root.tileMc.tile.swf.gotoAndStop(4);// does not work
_root.tileMc.tile.gotoAndStop(4);// does not work

i have two options. figure out how to make loaded movie clips stop or figure out how to load an external movie clip directly into the library with a linkage name applied for scripting. i would actually prefer to go with the latter.
I found the answer to the loadMovie gotoAndStop problem. I'm using movieclips that are already on stage as containers for the loadMovie and I'm running the loadMovie function at runtime in a function. The problem was that I was using the loadMovie and gotoAndStop in the same function. I created a seperate button that changes the frame so I guess that will work. Maybe i could just use a wait command. Does flash have a simple wait(seconds);?

I've also been playing with using external assets (movie clips) in the library. I have a file called external.fla. I open it and within its library I have a movie clip named test_mc. I set its linkage as "export for runtime sharing" with its identifier name as "test_mc" and its url as "external.swf". I publish the swf file and open the destination.fla and within its library I create a movie clip named "test". I goto it's linkage and set it to "import for runtime sharing" with its Identifier as "test_mc" and its url as "external.swf". I then publish this in the same folder as external.swf.

within destination.fla I place a copy of "test" on the stage and test the file and the external movie clip works fine. Now with this I can use the gotoAndStop(); fine.

but i'm wanting to add the movies at runtime and if I try to use attachMovie("test", "clip", 5); it does not work. and it still doesn't work if i use attachMovie("test_mc", "clip", 5);. I know the problem, test is not set to export for runtime, and I've even found a workaround, nest the test movie clip within another movie clip that is set to external. I'm just not happy with the workaround. Does anybody else have another way of doing this without having 2 movie clips for one? And the main problem is I cannot use gotoAndStop(); with these attached assets. Also would it be possible to create an import for runtime movie clip at runtime?

so here are my QUESTIONS

Question 1 - Using loadMovie, how do you gotoAndStop(); the loaded movie?

Question 2 - Using external assets and attachMovie, how do you gotoAndStop(); the attached movie?

Question 3 - A different workaround for using attachMovie with external assets.

Question 4 - Create a movie cip at runtime that imports the external asset.
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