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Best Lucid Dreaming ever

I think I found a way to Lucid Dreaming... for those who don't know it, it is a way to control your dream. Anyway, what I did half a years ago is remembering my dream and look for dream sign within my dream.

This morning, I woke up early to study for my German midterm exam. I drank a cup of tea, start studying, got too tired and slept again. I guess it is because that 4:30 in the morning, your brain is half working half still dreaming, you can actually control your dream easier that time easier. Just think about what you want to do, and you dream it basically, it is realistic too.

Basically, what I did today,(did it like 4 times), is that I realize that it is working, so I try out some kung fu moves, opening up a Black Hole in Earth and suck stuffs in, and close it... it is cool

anyone else try something like this?
Well, not excactlylike this, but YEs Very Happy
AS you said, it happened to me, very early in the morning, and when i tried to sleep again, i could think of stuff, and then they happened. But i was thinking, that i just wasn't sleeping(kin of daydreaming) and not Lucid Dreaming.
I suppose that that was the most logical explanation that i could find, but now that you are saying this... Hmm... Rolling Eyes Smile
Lucid dreaming is very hard to do. Usually it only happens by luck, like you realise you can do it in the middle of the dream - some people apparently can do it intentionally, but I've never been able to. Cool strategy.
This sounds so awesome!
I might try something like this the next time I'm still awake at 5am. Hope it works Smile lol.
Ozzy wrote:
This sounds so awesome!
I might try something like this the next time I'm still awake at 5am. Hope it works Smile lol.

I found out that it is not the best Idea to do it at school day / work day, and it is easier to do you with your light on, no idea why. Maybe it make you tired... lol.
Wow, thats pretty cool, I never heard of it, and never really thought it possible, but it makes since that it would be possible. It sounds kinda fun actually.
I've only managed to do it a few times during my life but I have to say it's probably one of the best natural surreal experience you can have.
practice makes perfect Wink

it´s a quite nice way to get more fun dreams, as well as avoid nightmares.
The best way IMO is to try moving your arms and fingers in the dream, then at least I usually realize it´s a dream and gain controll of it.

Happy dreaming everyone Smile
the way I look at it is take use of the 8 hours of sleep. Not just waste it and sleep it alway. Better than playing video games, I think...
Yeah, happened to me once when I was a kid.
I've seen some "guides" on the net that explain how to generate such dreams, but I never really tried...
I've never really tried and I don't think I've had one. Boo.
I love lucid dreaming... I had had quiet a few... I find the hardest part is carrying enough consciousness into the dream to do a reality check.
But there are other methods of astral projection if controlling your dream is too difficult.
The best one I had had... well one of the best.
I was in bed (in the dream) and looked at the clock it said something like
"00:981" that isn't right... so i did a reality check by holding my nose... I could still breath... I got up looked at the mirror and thought."im climbing through" I did and ended up in my old house.
I thought about the outside, then ended up there.
I flew around outside for awhile... jumped in the water... I could breath under water... *i liked this a lot*
I then while in the water though about the land and ended up back on dry land.
I looked at the sky it was beautiful (you REALLY should look at the sky in a dream)
I then started playing chase with a snow leopard.
I decided to levitate.... (then I did)
I then created some dream characters into the dream and then made them disappear...
The dream started fading after this and I woke up in my bed...
I don't know why, but ever since I was very young I have had almost total control over my dreams. I say almost because sometimes my power over my dreams is weaker than others, but still present.

For example, I can always fly in my dreams. Sometimes I cannot fly as fast or it is difficult to control, but I can always fly.

Other times, like Billwaa, I just go crazy and do seomthing like destroy the world.

Dreaming can be EXTREMELY appealing when one has full control.
Apparently some people get it all the time, but don't realize it's anything special because it's been with them their whole life... in fact, they assume it's just how everyone dreams. My mum gets it almost every night, and when I told her about lucid dreaming she was like "uh... isn't that how we normally dream?".

I think I had a lucid dream ONCE in my life, but as any guy would do, I just had sex in mine... what a waste Razz I would love to be able to have more lucid dreams. Here's a wonderful website on lucid dreaming:

Some facts.. .if you feel your dream is ending, if you look up at the sky (in the dream) and spin around, it stops you from waking up! Also, if you write down your dreams when you wake up, and try to sleep a lot and in a peaceful environment... you're practicing lucid dreaming!

I have done lucidity out of a regular nightmare (which I don't get anymore) I shot the bad guy of will it was sooooooo cool
Reading this makes me realise that i have actually done this without knowing i have done it. While drifting of fishing & not had much sleep the sort of half dreams take the shape of what i was last thinking. Ive never tried t instigate this but reading the post at the top it makes me now curios to try it for myself.
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Thanks for reminding me about this. I have a two-week break between semesters so I've got plenty of time to sleep in/dream/experiment with unusual sleeping patterns.

I have done this a few times, but usually when I've disrupted my sleeping pattern.

All the websites I look at advise you to get into the habit of asking yourself 'am I dreaming?' throughout the day, so that the habit will work its way into your dreams and you will then be able to realise when you realy are dreaming.

I usually just fly in mine.
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